L’Oréal has signed an eco-friendly pledge

18 May 2017
By Fashion Quarterly

Saving the world one beauty product at a time

Natural and organic products aren’t just for the happy-hippie frolicking-among-the-daisies type people no mo’! The eco movement has become increasingly popular in mainstream beauty (read here and here) and people’s awareness of its importance has been wide spread, for both ecological and health reasons. If we’re conscious about what we’re consuming food-wise, we should be selective in what we’re applying product-wise as well, right? Totes!

Recently the beauty industry has seen a significant shift towards creating products that treat the base of the problem by feeding and nourish the skin rather that covering it up, mineral- and water-based products that infuse vitamins into the skin are all the rage, as are antioxidants, and we’re super obsessed with clay masks.

As a result, beauty buyers are expecting more eco-friendly products by their favourite brands, which is why L’Oréal is changing up their processes for the better – so you can have your affordable makeup, haircare and skincare and feel eco-friendly about it too!

The eco-beauty movement is encouraging eco-friendly practices – even for brands that don’t identify as eco-brands, which L’Oréal don’t at this stage, FYI.

So with that said, L’Oréal is pledging to jump on board with some incredible changes. According to WWD, they have signed a “memorandum of understanding on environmental performance and resource management” with sustainable resource manager SUEZ. Basically this means they will be practicing more eco-friendly manufacturing methods from here on out. Whoop whoop!

The company’s official statement says L’Oréal has “decided to promote innovative solutions to favour sustainable production” and to work with SUEZ to “tackle climate change, protect oceans and water resources, and preserve natural resources and biodiversity.” Amazing! We’re stoked to have an awesome and affordable beauty brand on the market that is helping to save the world. What more could we ask for?! #Goals

This is a huge step towards L’Oréal being an eco-beauty brand. Hopefully more brands follow suit. Snaps for L’Oréal!

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Words: Ashleigh Ilton
Images: Instagram


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