How to emerge from lockdown with happy and healthy skin

26 August 2021

Extra screen time, stress, and a lax beauty routine can wreak havoc on your skin. We ask Zoë Philpott of beauty destination INÈS for her six top tips to repair and nurture your complexion while you’re at home.

WORDS BY Sarah Murray

Zoë Philpott and Sarah Jackson of INÈS

1 .Nourish your skin from the inside out

With the extra wine, junk food, couch time, and stress, it’s time to give your gut (and skin) some love. Because your gut health is inextricably linked to your skin health, nourish and balance your skin from within with a beauty powder from The Beauty Chef. All powders are abundant with probiotics and prebiotics, organic whole foods, daily dose vitamins, and more. The Beauty Chef’s top seller, ‘Glow Inner Beauty’, is a great place to start. If you experience tummy troubles, try the Beauty Chef’ ‘Gut Primer‘ to repair and soothe your compromised gut lining.

2. SPF is an essential

You already know the drill with SPF. But do you need to be as rigorous with applying SPF indoors? The answer is yes. While you may not become sunburnt inside, glass doesn’t block all ultraviolet lights. Continue your daily SPF regime—it’s important as ever.

3. Try a Gua Sha massage

A Gua Sha massage is highly beneficial for skin health as it boosts blood flow and delivers oxygen and nutrients to your skin. A daily massage with a Gua Sha tool is a mindful way to massage any tensions around the jaw and neck. With screen time at an all-time high, ‘tech necks’ are more prominent than ever, and a Gua Sha massage is as good as it gets with in-home treatments to iron out niggly neck lines and micro knots. Pair your Gua Sha tool with iS Clinical’s ‘Neck Perfecting Complex’ to strengthen and smooth skin on the neck and décolletage.


4. Start masking

A high-quality mask can go a long way to achieve a healthy complexion. Pay attention to your skin and treat it accordingly with a specifically targeted treatment once or twice a week. A good face mask offers a concentrated boost of vitamins, nutrients and minerals to tackle skin concerns. Our all-time favourites include Josh Rosebrook’s ‘Enzyme Exfoliator’ mask to reveal a luminous and renewed complexion, or Circumference’s ‘In-Depth Hydration’ face mask to intensely hydrate and revitalise skin.

5. Let your skin breathe

If you regularly wear make-up, now is the perfect time to let your skin breathe. Skipping make-up helps your skin function properly because it eliminates the pore-clogging ingredients that can contribute to a dull complexion. A mini make-up break can brighten and clear your skin, and allow for better penetration of serums and creams. If you do have a zoom call or you’re simply craving a complexion enhancer—opt for a multitasker such as Suntegrity’s “5-in-1” tinted sunscreen. This product is a do-it-all moisturiser boosted with skin-loving ingredients to blur imperfections and leave your face fresh, protected, and noticeably glowing.

6. Don’t skip the serum

You can create real change in your skin with an expert serum. A targeted serum can increase hydration, minimise fine lines, balance breakouts, or reduce hyperpigmentation. Our favourite? Retinol. The undisputed darling of dermatology that does it all, and you can’t surpass Shani Darden’s ‘Retinol Reform‘, a cult product that is gentle yet effective to stimulate collagen production and uncover brighter and more taut skin.


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