All the weird and wonderful health and wellness trends you’ll allegedly be embracing in 2020

13 January 2020

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Sea buckthorn, teff and… lard?

T’is the season to make predictions about the things you’re going to spend the next year doing. As is traditional, people all over the internet are spending January making sweeping statements about what kind of milk we’re supposed to be drinking (spoiler, it’s not from a cow) and how you’re going to keep in shape (another spoiler, it’s not a fortnightly jog to the corner shop and back).

So, according to the great and the good, what does 2020 hold?

Special ingredients

According to Marie Claire US, “next year’s hip ingredients are tipped to be sea buckthorn, teff and lard”. No, us neither. Apparently sea buckthorn is otherwise known as siberian pineapple. We swear we are not making this up. Apparently it has loads of vitamin C. Laff is an ethiopian grain, and lard is, well… lard.

Split pea milk

Cow’s milk is bad because it’s mean to cows. Soy milk is bad because of deforestation and hormones. Almond milk is bad because it’s mean to bees. Enter: split pea milk! It’s a sort of yellow colour which you need to ignore, and it’s got way more protein than cow’s milk, as well as having a lot less sugar. It’s starting to catch on internationally, and it’ll be in New Zealand before you know it.


Classic Blue Pantone

Have you ever purchased something because it was the same colour as the Pantone of the year? Us neither. But you never know. 2020 could be the year it finally happens… after all, classic blue is a rather nice colour.

Digestive wellness

Because there’s nothing sexier than having good healthy gut flora, we’re all going to be munching lots more fermented foods in 2020, and drinking lots of Kombucha (that’s fermented tea if you’re still living in the Dark Ages).

Working out at home

Forget doing a cheesy 90s DVD in your living room and giving up half way through to have a sit down, the home work out is here to stay. Whether you get a Peleton (you might have heard about their terrifying Christmas advert), opt for Yoga with Adriene (free, you will fall in love with her) or a Kayla Itsines app (not free, you might quite like her) there’s no need to leave the house to get a sweat on, so that’s nice.

Adult ice cream

A fun one! Ice cream + alcohol = adult ice cream. Consume in moderation because we can only imagine what throwing that up would feel like.


Okay so this one was big in 2019 as well, but the CBD juggernaut shows no signs of slowing down on the global stage. New Zealand is still not in on the action; as of January 1, 2020 it is not available to buy over the counter. However, if you have a GP who is open to the idea, it is available via prescription to deal with a number of health issues, including pain management, arthritis, cancer management, anxiety and more. Drink it, put it in your bath, massage it in, take it in pills, just make sure you’re buying it from a reputable source otherwise it’ll probably be a placebo. If it’s cheap then we’re sorry but it’s probably not going to work.

Not drinking

Being teetotal, or at least teetotal some of the time, is increasingly popular. There’s only so much tap water or Diet Coke you can drink at a party, but brands like Seedlip who make non alcoholic gin are making the faux G&T almost as nice as a real one… so we can see why people are getting quicker to join the sobriety bandwagon.

P.E lessons

London gyms now have introduced classes called gymnasium where you basically just do a school PE lesson, including the vault and monkey bars. It will no doubt make its way down to this part of the world eventually, as do most trendy fitness trends.

Virtual spas

You might feel that half the fun of a spa is stealing some flip flops, but virtual spas are becoming A Thing. Dazed Beauty recently opened the Dazed Digital Spa, delivering meditation podcasts, yoga classes and interactive colour therapy.

Sounds like we’re going to have a busy, and virtuous year filled with wonder ingredients. Or we’ll still be eating/drinking/doing the exact same things we’ve been doing since 2016 but using a bit less plastic.

A version of this article originally appeared on GraziaDaily.co.uk.

Words: Rebecca Reid
Photo: Getty Images


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