Exclusive interview: Alessandra Ambrosio shares her hair secrets

27 May 2016
By Fashion Quarterly

Alessandra Ambrosio backstage at Victoria's Secret show

If you’re a brunette with a Pinterest account, the chances are high that you’ve pinned a few hair-spo snaps of Alessandra Ambrosio in your time.

The Brazilian beauty is renowned for her softly sun kissed locks and signature Victoria’s Secret waves, so when she offers to share her hair secrets, there’s no way we’re turning her down. Read on to find out how the new face of L’Oreal Professionnel takes care of her tresses, what she asks for at the salon and the best haircare advice she’s ever been given…

What role does your hair play in your overall look?
I think that most of the time hair is the first thing people see, so I do take care about my hair because first impressions count!

What are you looking for when you ask your colourist to dye your hair?
I always ask for a colour that looks natural and suits my skin tone. Besides, my hair is never at peace as I do many shoots, so I’m more into soft hair color that will not damage my hair.

How important is a colourist/hair stylist for you?
Colourists are very important as I rely on their professional experience and expertise to make sure that the colour I want becomes reality. For both colourists and hairstylists, dialogue and listening are key. Whether you want a colour, a styling or a haircare treatment, you can be sure that you’ll get personalized attention and service in a salon. You can’t replace that!

What are you looking for in a salon that you cannot find elsewhere?
As I said, attention, listening, a personalised service, the best professional products you can dream of to colour, style or take care of my hair. When I go to a salon, I also crave for the hairdresser’s personal touch and recommendations! We all look great when we get out of a salon, [so] hairstylists and colourists are also key to give you the pro tips for when you’re at home.

Alessandra Ambrosio backstage at Coachella 2016



What is the best advice a colourist/hairdresser has given you?
A hairdresser once gave me this advice: Don’t blow-dry your hair on your day off! As a model my hair is always blow-dried, curled, restyled several times on a shoot… so now I like to take care of it on my day off with a deep repairing treatment or with oil treatment.

What are hair salons like in Brazil? What makes them different from other salons in the world?
They are not much different than salons anywhere else in the world except they might be a bit busier and everyone speaks Portuguese! Saying that, Brazilian women do have a strong beauty culture; hair is always brushed, nails are always done! So salons are definitely a place to be and socialise in Brazil.

How does it feel to represent L’Oréal Professionnel? What does the brand mean for you?
L’Oreal Professionnel is such an iconic brand; I am honoured to be able to work with them. It’s a brand with very high quality products and state of the art technology that really work. It’s a brand connected to fashion and trends and used by the very best professional hairdressers all over the world. As I am very often on photo shoots, my hair is constantly being restyled, coloured or treated. L’Oréal Professionnel products help to keep my hair healthy!

Describe your daily beauty routine?
I like to keep it simple, when I am not working I usually wash my face, and then moisturise in the morning. Depending if I am going to work out or have meetings I add some light makeup and wear my hair either down or in a ponytail if I am working out. Night routine is similar to morning but I add some serums.

What is your golden beauty rule?
To drink a lot of water. It makes your skin and hair glow.

What are your five ‘desert island’ products?
Sunblock, Chapstick, moisturiser, Morning After Dust dry shampoo by Tecni.Art, and a hair brush.

The Quickfire round

Where do you feel at home?
Los Angeles and Florianopolis

What is your favourite music?

Your favourite sport?
Volleyball and surf

If you were a movie?
Stealing Beauty

In your dreams, with whom would you like to take the elevator with?
Stevie Nicks

If you were an animal?

Could you describe yourself in three words?
Forever on vacation

Could you tell us something about yourself that people do not already know?
I don’t like onions.

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