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1 October 2017
By Fashion Quarterly

Check out what’s going on for your star sign in October, from Miss FQ’s spiritual guru One Grounded Angel.

(March 21-April 19)
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October is all about keeping it real – especially in relationships. If you’re surrounded by people who are fake, that could work out badly for you. Ditto if *you* are the one wearing the mask, pretending to be something you’re not. Saturn, the planet of boundaries and black-and-white thinking, is in your eighth house of partnerships and sex, until mid-December, and it has zero time for blurred lines. Got an ‘it’s complicated’ romantic sitch? Saturn will push you to dive deep into the pool or get out completely. Sharing secrets with someone who says one thing but does another? Expect bad blood. The best advice: trust only those who are trustworthy – your gut instinct knows best. Don’t be blinded by image (coolness, reputation, wealth, etc etc etc).

On a related note, Saturn will also trigger what your girl Lorde would call hard-fee-lings. Namely: heartache. If you’ve been single since Blair Waldof and Chuck Bass tied the knot, it’s time to get to the bottom of any issues that may be holding you back, maybe working with a pro (eg a coach or counsellor). For couples, if trust issues are impacting on your relationship, take the opportunity to resolve them and you’ll be closer than ever (#relationshipgoals).

(April 20-May 20)
Emoji: doughnut


Oh hey, Eeyore. Why so glum? Hope you don’t mind us saying, but Taureans can be a bit of a Negative Nelly sometimes. This month, try to avoid focusing on the hole instead of the doughnut, so to speak. In other words – try looking at what’s right in your world instead of what’s wrong. Sure, life can deal you a crap hand sometimes but if you channel Kimmy Schmidt and focus on all that’s awesome in your life – anything from your supportive family network to your killer shoe collection – your thoughts are less likely to slip into Gloomy McGloomface territory.

Many Taureans are thirsty for change, and they want it ~now~. Try to be patient; the Universe is playing a long game (soz). Here’s the deal with changing the energy around you (and, consequently, your entire life): you’ve gotta start from a place of happiness not misery. For example, if you hate the way you look, losing weight is going to be an uphill battle, but if you exercise and eat well because you like your body and want to make it stronger and healthier, you’ll get a better response. Positivity breeds positive results. Give it a crack – you’ve got nothing to lose.

(May 21-June 21) 
Emoji: paint palette


The clock is ticking, Gemini. Whatever it is you’ve been wanting to create, build up or invent, the Universe is giving you a giant kick up the butt. Until October 10 the planet Jupiter (associated with expansion and good fortune) is in your fifth house (the place of passion and creativity), so if you’ve got a burning desire to start a blog (move over, Gwynie!), paint a mural or embark on a random project, there’s never been a better time to just do the damn thing. Your inspo levels are peaking RN, so pay close attention to flashes of genius – particularly (since Jupiter is the worldly planet) if they involve travel or, ahem, foreign affairs (highly likely: crushes on hotties from other countries or cultures).

But from October 10 until early November, Jupiter will be squatting in your sixth house, which is all about systems and routines. It’s a great time to focus on life admin and day-to-day stuff – basically, getting your shit together. It may sound dull, but this is how the bigger-picture stuff gets done. ‘Chop wood, carry water’ as the Zen proverb goes – or a more modern update: ‘file your tax return, eat your 5+ vegies’.

(June 22-July 22)
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Sensitive, much? This month, you’re at risk of drowning in a tide of emotions. There are two main ways Cancereans tend to deal (or not deal) with their emotions – trying to fix everyone’s problems (read: avoidance), or falling apart at the slightest mishap (broken nails, Uber delays, etc). This month the planets are encouraging you to build greater emotional resilience, finding a balance between crying over small problems and burying your emotions so deeply you’re permanently in robot mode (kinda like Daft Punk, but not as cool). This is particularly relevant up to October 10, when Jupiter, the planet of expansion, will leave your fourth house, the place of emotions and home life, where it’s been squatting since last year. This explains all the tissues and issues of late. Although that’s been challenging, there’s a point to this emotional tsunami: to help you suss out some emotional balance. Do you constantly go into ‘victim’ mode (ie ‘poor me, nothing ever works out’)? Maybe you overshare for sympathy (think: attention-seeking Facebook posts). Use this time to do an emotional stocktake. Avoidance is a game best played by politicians (*sigh*) – owning your side of the street will help you deal with problems better.

(July 23-August 22)

Emoji: girl with hand up



Leos aren’t usually shy, but you may have been holding back ~a smidgen~ of late. Is there something you deeply desire to do or say that you’ve been backing away from? The Universe just double-dared you to go do that thing. There’s big energy for Leos around boldness and risk-taking – you’re being urged to take a leap into the unknown. Take fellow Leo Elisabeth Moss for inspo. She was in demand after ~killing it~ on Mad Men, but she took the risky indie route, working on Top of the Lake and The Handmaids Tale. Now, after seven nominations, she finally has an Emmy (yassss!). This risk-taking theme is particularly relevant in the romance department, for those who tend to hide their feelings or play it safe in lurrrve.

On October 10 the planet Jupiter, which acts like a spotlight, hits your fourth house of family and female relationships. You could feel compelled to ditch toxic friendships or walk away from unhealthy dynamics with a female figure. Think of it like a juice diet for your personal life – you’re basically detoxing energetically. And given how cray this year has been for you, it’s about freakin’ time.

(August 23-September 22)
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What are you waiting for, Virgo? The Universe is acting as your personal trainer, chucking motivation and confidence at you to get you moving. For some, an *actual* personal trainer – or at least, more exercise in your life – may be what you need, since your health and wellness may have been on a downwards slide. For others, this energy is hitting your career arena, helping you rise to the top. Even if you aren’t feeling totally confident, faking it till you make it, a la Mike from Suits, could work out pretty well. Since your gift of the gab is strong RN – Jupiter, the planet that enlarges everything it touches, is hitting your third house of communication from October 10 well into next year – if you’ve got something to sell, promote or teach, the odds are in your favour.

Hot tip: use this motivation energy to make any decisions you’ve been putting off. Often when we’re torn, it’s not because we don’t know what to do, it’s because we *do* know what to do but we’re scared to do it (maybe because you’ve been burned in the past). What does your heart tell you, Virgo? It’s like an internal Google Maps – follow its guidance.

(September 23-October 23)
Emoji: vibrating heart


The planets are putting your relationships under the microscope, Libra, and just like one of those CSI torches, it’ll show up any icky stuff – particularly around October 10-11, when hidden realities appear at most inconvenient times, a bit like a fart you’ve been trying to hold in. If you’ve got a history of rushing into romances like Charlotte on SATC, you’re being challenged to let relationships develop at a slower rate for the sake of stability (buh-bye, crash-and-burn love affairs). When you meet a new potential bestie, flatmate or lover – or if you’re reassessing peeps currently in those roles – take time to figure out whether your values and standards align. (FYI it’s not just about hotness. OK, it’s a little bit about hotness, but still…)

October is already a pretty sweet month, what with it being your birthday and all, but you also have a kinda new year on October 19. The new moon falls in your sign, so it’s a time for setting goals and intentions for the next six months. This planetary energy supports new career directions, particularly if you are looking at gigs that involve helping people through communication (that famous Libra diplomacy could be your best asset).

SCORPIO (October 24-November 21)
Emoji: crown


Wake up, Sleeping Beauty – it’s time to take the throne. Many Scorps have felt like they’ve been asleep at the wheel for the past year, thanks to Jupiter dialling down your energy levels, but on October 10 this super-influential planet moves into your sign until November 2018 (total. game. changer). You can expect to be more energised and ready to SLAY. Some Scorps will change postcodes, others will shift into that coveted corner office. This is mostly a one-player game, though (ie it’s all about you) – couples may give each other a bit of much-needed space, while singles will ditch Going Nowhere flings (bye, Felicia!).

A warning, though – do not neglect sleep. Around October 22 Mars, the motivation planet, shifts into your 12th house, the place of rest, so if you are running around like a mo-fo you may get slammed with illness or car dramas, for example, that force you to slow down. Major buzzkill.

Since Scorpios are the wise ones of the Universe, your intuitive game will be strong RN. Pay attention to gut-instinct messages, and dive deep into anything spiritual that resonates, eg yoga or meditation. Want to meditate nude like Cara Delevingne? The Universe won’t judge you. Namaste.

(November 22-December 21)
Emoji: home


Your work and social life have been cranking for the past year, but now you’re being kicked into ‘chill’ mode. On October 10 Jupiter, the planet of expansion, moves into your 12th house of rest, so the call to be a homebody will be unexpectedly strong. You’ll also feel inspired to sort out your shit – all of it. This 13-month transit typically prompts peeps to clear out both physical clutter – anything from old bank statements to crusty nail polish bottles – *and* emotional rubbish – eg festering resentments and unhappy flatting sitches.

There’s also a strong focus on clearing out bad energy, particularly in your squad. If you’ve got a friend who is needy or just generally annoying AF, the Universe is challenging you to cut ties. If you struggle to focus or have found your mood lowered after seeing these so-called friends, that is your body telling you to make changes.

Just on that… peer pressure is a bit of a theme for you RN, Sag. Make sure you’re not making decisions or saying ‘yes’ to impress others or make them happy, particularly around October 10-11. Solange Knowles doesn’t worry about what others think, and neither should you.

(December 22-January 19)
Emoji: kissing face


If you’re a commitment-phobe, this is going to be a challenging month for you (soz). The planets are urging you to take cues from Dave Dobbyn and be loyal. Think about your relationships… you may be comfortable saying the L word but do you actually show it in your actions? Maybe you go cold on your partner from time to time or make your relationship low priority (behind werk, werk, werk, werk, werk), for example. You might bail on plans with friends on the regular or are always waiting for a ‘better’ offer. Investing more time and energy into your closest relationships will strengthen those ties and make you feel more connected and supported. Some Caps find expressing their feelings as easy as Homer Simpson finds resisting doughnuts (ie v v hard) – but instead of protecting yourself, this only keeps bae at bay (pun intended) and leaves you feeling isolated from your squad.

The planets are giving you a helping hand with those D&Ms (sort of). On October 3, honest conversations are enhanced, and the October 5 full moon in Aries is hitting your emotional sector. You’ll be feeling all the feels – make sure you take the opportunity to express (not suppress) them.

(January 20-February 18)
Emoji: two girls dancing


Rebel Wilson once dreamed she won an Oscar… it hasn’t proven to be a prediction (so far) but it did lead her to embark on a career in Hollywood. The lesson? We all have a deep knowingness inside us, and if we’re willing to trust it, exciting things can happen. Your intuition can give you cues on everything from people worthy of trust, career direction and just generally what the hell you’re meant to be doing with your life… so trust it! This sixth sense extends to romance too, with an October 3 alignment between Venus (the planet of love) and Pluto (the planet of things unseen) making couples feel an almost psychic connection and singles feeling like they’ve known a new connection all their lives (spooky!).

Circling back to last month, when Aquarians were warned about setting boundaries with people – particularly with those who take advantage of your good nature or who, for example, are always looking around for someone cooler to talk to (ugh) – that theme continues this month, so screen your inner sanctum carefully. On the plus side, you could attract rad new peeps into your squad RN, potentially leading to new work and social opportunities down the track. Go the hook-ups!

(February 19-March 20)

Emoji: diamond ring


Just like two otters holding hands as they float down the river (nawww!), you and bae have a soulmate connection… or do you? This month the planets want you to think about your relationship status, especially around October 8. If your romance isn’t getting deeper, and isn’t making you a better person, is it really right for you? Soulmate relationships are about as subtle as a Taylor Swift music video, so if you’re settling for meh, you could end up feeling meh 4evs. If, however, your love connection *is* the real deal, new opportunities are on the cards, especially on October 5, and then from October 14 into mid-November – think pregnancy, a new whare and ring-finger bling (nudge nudge, wink wink). In that three-week transit Venus, the planet of love, is playing in your eighth house, the zone of partnerships. Memo to singles: the eighth house is also about sex, so it’s a prime time for hot hook-ups (nudge nudge, wink wink).

BTW soulmates are not just romantic, so think about who in your squad, work life and family is helping you grow and become more ‘you’ – keep nurturing those relationships; they are as valuable as a Kimmy K social media plug.

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Horoscope illustrations: Bonnie Brown | @bonniembrown


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