What the Fashion Quarterly team is coveting this month

21 April 2022
By Fashion Quarterly

From earth-friendly sneakers to nature-loving make-up, these pieces will help you live a more eco-friendly lifestyle without sacrificing style.

The Chloé 'Nama' sneaker.

At the essence of it, Earth Day is a reminder to put our money where our mouths are if we want to do our bit to support a fairer fashion system, fairly remunerate workers, and reduce our environmental footprints. Because even the tiniest actions go a long way to benefit the planet and shift mindsets.

So, as we celebrate Earth Day this Friday April 22nd, the Fashion Quarterly team is increasingly more mindful of our choices when it comes to style and beauty, constantly encouraging ourselves and others to think about the impact our shopping habits have on the planet. Read on for our earth-friendly wishlists, proving that sustainability and style go hand-in-hand. 

Nicole Saunders, editor-at-large

Chloé ‘Nama’ sneaker

Since she was appointed creative director of Chloé, Gabriela Hurst hasn’t wasted any time tackling the impact the fashion world has on our planet. I’ve had my eyes on the Chloé ‘Nama’ sneaker since I spied them strutting down the runway as part of the fashion house’s spring 2022 collection. The low-impact sneaker is made from 40 per cent recycled materials, features Leather Working Group-certified suede, and its production creates 35 per cent fewer greenhouse gases and 80 per cent less water than the Chloé’ Sonnie’ sneaker. Plus, Chloé is the first and only luxury fashion house to become B Corp certified — comfort, luxury, and sustainability can coexist in perfect harmony, after all. 

Aleph ‘Hybrid’ eye pigment 

Emma Peters–the brains behind Aleph Beauty–has a real nous for taking the fuss out of make-up and making beauty user friendly. I’m looking forward to adding the very clever ‘Hybrid’ eye pigment to my daily routine, stat. More than just a beautiful, richly pigmented eye shadow, this must-have can be used as an eyeliner and to define eyebrows. 

Kowtow ‘Workshop’ jacket

Kowtow’s unwavering commitment to traceable supply chains, fair pay, and circular design makes any purchase from the homegrown brand a no brainer. But it’s the timeless unisex ‘Workshop’ jacket that’s at the top of my autumn wishlist. I’ve shared it with my partner, too, so deciding who has dibs on wearing it first will be the only foreseeable problem.

Sarah Murray, managing editor

Maggie Marilyn’ Challenge Accepted’ dress 

Since its inception, Maggie Marilyn has been at the forefront of sustainable fashion choices in New Zealand and abroad, which is why it’s one of my most favoured brands. Each season I choose something and always amaze myself with how often I end up wearing it — whether it’s the cut, colour or style, there is something that elevates it. Right now, I’m still obsessing over the sheer ‘Challenge Accepted’ dress and am desperate to add it to my wardrobe. 

Veja’ V12′ leather sneaker from Father Rabbit 

My classic white Veja’s have taken a hammering due to excessive wear – and although they still look remarkably good I’m keen to invest in a brighter hue this season, like this fluro yellow infused offering that has been made with ecological materials. 

Naked Sunday’s ‘Collagen Glow’ 100% Mineral Perfecting Priming lotion

When it comes to my skin, I’m currently coveting Naked Sunday’s ‘Collagen Glow’ 100% Mineral Perfecting Priming lotion. Its long name is fitting given it’s a 4-in-1 (my type of product for those busy mornings!) which can be effortlessly applied each day. Acting as a primer, moisuriser, SPF and collagen-booster, its vegan formula uses plant-based collagen to protect the skin and give the perfect translucent base for make-up application. 

Courtney Joe, creative director

Rachel Mills ‘Tommy’ cardigan

Every year as Fashion Revolution Week rolls by, I am filled with such a sense of pride — that Aotearoa is championing mindful production and consumption when it comes to both fashion and beauty. Curating a shopping list in support of my own backyard is certainly no difficult task, and Rachel Mills is almost always top-of-mind for my trans-seasonal wardrobe. I’ve long adored her cotton and merino everyday essentials — not to mention her unwavering commitment to better industry standards, for workers, consumers and ultimately, the planet. This black ‘Tommy’ cardigan made from 100% merino wool and vintage deadstock buttons will make for the perfect layering piece as the air starts to cool. 

Jessica McCormack stacking band 

A Jessica McCormack stacking band has long been on my wishlist, and what better piece to invest in than one of three new designs — ‘Cosmic Love’, ‘Bobble’ and ‘Tricolour’ — created to celebrate the brand’s acquisition of a Fairtrade Gold license. Every single masterpiece that’s expertly crafted in the Kiwi designer’s Carlos Place workshop in Mayfair, London, is created using this ethically-certified Fairtrade gold. Plus if you’re wanting diamonds with that gold, you can add shine and sparkle knowing very well that Jessica McCormack gemstones are sourced in full compliance with UN resolutions. 

Emma Lewisham’ Supernatural Vitamin A’ face oil 

The sheer stress of the past couple of years really took its toll on my skin, and I am forever thankful for Emma Lewisham and its game-changing approach to beauty for helping me reset my skincare routine (quite literally, as the first product I used was the brand’s best selling Skin Reset Serum!) and take stock of what ingredients were doing more harm than good on my skin. As the season changes and my skin starts to feel the drying effects of the cold, ‘Supernatural Vitamin A’ face oil is my go-to product to hydrate and strengthen my skin barrier. Beauty benefits aside, I can slather my face in all the Emma Lewisham I like, knowing fully well that, as a certified B Corp beauty leader, the brand is dedicated to both the people and planet, with a commitment to reducing waste with its circular refill programme. 

Hemma Vara, digital editor

Adizero X Allbirds ‘2.94 CO2e’ shoe 

I’m a fervent supporter of the latest Adidas x Allbirds running shoe. Although some may consider it an unusual partnership, I genuinely believe that to set a new industry standard for sustainable production, collaboration among competitors is key. And the results are undoubtedly impressive — each pair of the Adidas x Allbirds running shoe has a carbon footprint of just 2.94kg CO2e (a personal best for the brands) and is created with 63% fewer emissions than the comparable ‘adizero RC3’, making it a step further towards the possibility of a carbon-neutral future for sports and style. 

Villa Maria ‘EarthGarden’ organic Hawkes Bay rosé

Where possible, I believe in making purchasing choices that support regenerative systems (like Maggie Marilyn’s ‘Somewhere’ line), so I’m currently coveting the flavourful Villa Maria ‘EarthGarden’ organic Hawkes Bay rosé. A smooth tipple with flavours of blood orange, rosehip, and watermelon, the organic grapes are grown alongside wildflowers, using regenerative viticulture to ensure a healthier ecosystem for the land and vineyard workers. I recommend this nature-friendly drop alongside a plant-based platter when entertaining guests, or as the base for a delicious sangria garnished with fresh fruit and mint sprigs. 

Boutique for the SPCA

It may not be an item, but it’s the experience counts, right? When I next venture to Ponsonby Road for a dose of second-hand style I’ll be checking out the newly opened Boutique for SPCA at 27 Ponsonby Road for some thrifty finds. I have always loved op-shopping for the thrill of the chase. There’s nothing more exciting than discovering a treasured item you’ll wear time and time again, whether it’s a recognisable style from a loved local brand, a fun vintage statement piece, or a designer steal. As a seasoned second-hand shopper, my one piece of advice is to take your time — before I venture out to the shops, I ensure I have a calm, clear head and the patience to scour through every rack. I practice sensibility when it comes to the end purchase — if the item is the wrong size or feels impulsive, I put it back — because even though it may be affordable, it’s still important it will get the wear it deserves. Once I get home, caring for and extending a garment’s longevity is of the utmost importance regardless of its second-hand status: I hand wash my finds, steam them, and proudly hang them in the wardrobe while they await their grand debut. 


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