ICYMI, Venus is in retrograde and it’s probably messing with your love life

4 April 2017
By Fashion Quarterly


It’s kind of nice being able to blame your bad decisions on the planets, isn’t it?

Over the last few weeks, my poor mates have had to watch me go from excited to nervous to confused to regretful (and back again) more times than I can count. Truth be told, it’s largely because don’t actually know wtf I’m doing with my life right now. Specifically, the part of it that involves like, boys and relationships and stuff.

Now, this state of romantic fuckwiterry isn’t new. It’s a condition that I’ve inadvertently acclimatised to since the day my primary school ‘boyfriend’ gave me a kiss on the lips for my birthday while his mates (one of which I desperately fancied) all stood and watched in silence. But this month I’ve been particularly out of sorts. Or, as one of my nearest and dearest kindly put it: ‘more of a hopeless mess than usual’.

Thankfully, I’ve finally worked out why. It’s actually because Venus, planetary ruler of hearts, has been in retrograde for the last few weeks, apparently, which basically explains away all bad decisions made in the name of love, right? Would love to be asking for a friend, but I’m totally not…

I’m incredibly late to the party (because I was a bit distracted by this failing at love malarkey, obvs) but turns out Venus has been in retrograde since 4 March and will stay there until 15 April. And I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that a hell of a lot can go down in 42 days, my friends. Especially when we’re talking about affairs of the heart.

When a planet is in retrograde, it basically means that it appears to travel backwards and in Venus’s case, it supposedly means that we start looking at and dealing with our relationships a little bit differently. That can sometimes mean everything suddenly feeling way more confusing than it normally it does. Oh, and it also affects our sense of beauty and our values because apparently, Venus rules over that stuff too.

According to Consulting Astrologer Armand Diaz, we’re more likely to run into old friends and past lovers while Venus is in retrograde and yep, that did indeed happen to me. Describing the time as a period of ‘reassessment’, he explains in his blog Integral Astrology that it’s really hard to be clear about what you want (#preach) and that ‘this is a time to reconnect with our internal sense of what’s important to us, not to move forward on to new things’.

So basically, if think you might be particularly affected by this retrograde thing and happen to be in between boyfriends/girlfriends/any sense of a remotely stable relationship status, you should probably be using the time to refocus your thoughts, assess where you’re at with all of the love stuff and maybe not dive head first into any and all drama that comes your way. Particularly if there’s tequila involved. I hear that doesn’t help the whole judgement thing either.

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Words: Jazmin Kopotsha
This article was first published on The Debrief.


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