The perfect fragrance for every occasion

5 April 2022
By Fashion Quarterly

Stimulate your senses with these six distinctive scents.

This season, building your scent wardrobe has never been more exhilarating. With many new fragrances to discover and love, some will boost your power, transport you into another world, or simply offer comfort.

When trialling scents to identify the one that’s right for you, enjoy the time taken for each aroma to settle and mature — you may just be surprised by the results. Read on to discover the beauty world’s latest, most tantalising fragrances, each one as different as the next.

1. For cleansing and calm

Influenced by the ancient ritual of burning palo santo to calm and purify, the latest from the premium perfume house is said to calm the mind and seduce the senses with its woody, smoky notes. After spritzing this earthy perfume, take care not to rub it in, as this will alter how the fragrance develops over time.


2. For rainy day joy

Imagine the refreshing scent of wet grass after a sudden downpour, captured in a bottle. This oceanic eau de toilette certainly provides an exhilarating first impression, showcasing notes of vibrant pink pepper and sweet patchouli essence. Next thing you know, you’ll be closing your eyes, imagining a rainbow forming as the sun shines through and the raindrops evaporate.

3. For a Mediterranean summer

This limited-edition cologne will instantly transport you to Sardinia’s sandy shoreline, where rare and exquisite white sea daffodils are found. Radiating notes of ylang-ylang, warm vanilla, and creamy sandalwood, disperse this fragrance generously on your wrists, neck, and pulse points, and layer with your favourite Jo Malone London dry body oil or crème.


4. For sweet sophistication

Awaken your senses with the latest from Burberry, a youthful yet sophisticated eau de toilette that you’ll reach for again and again. Showcasing mouth-watering notes of juicy pear and strawberries, enjoy the first spritz as the joyful scent lingers all over, and relish in the floral, musky, and woody olfactories that develop throughout the day. 


5. For a wintery escape

Truly unique in scent and composition, Après encapsulates the rush of alpine air and snow-topped mountains, evolving into a rich, long-lasting scent with notes of bourbon, praline, and vanilla. A warm and masculine perfume that instantly transports you to a cozy winter cabin, it may just be the quintessential balance between spicy and sweet.


6. For dressing to impress

Meet your new power perfume, best accompanied with a head-turning outfit and the energising beat of music. Floral and feminine, lean into its sensual woody base and notes of sparkling mandarin, intoxicating tonka bean and vanilla. As you bask in the fragrance’s radiance, don’t forget, it’s your time to shine.


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