Shelley Ferguson shares her tips on how to update your bedding with the new Hotel at Home range

8 May 2024
By Fashion Quarterly

We talk to interior designer Shelley Ferguson about the new Hotel at Home range, bedroom colour trends, colour drenching, and finding your bedding personality.

Shelley Ferguson. Image, supplied.

Tell us a bit about Hotel at Home and the concept behind it?
I love the feeling of getting into bed in a hotel suite – there’s something about the comfort, quality and placement of the bedding that sets the experience apart. Hotel at Home brings this five star experience to your home but at a great price point you can actually afford. The products are high comfort, high quality and made sustainably. The range includes manchester (sheets, duvet sets, duvet inners, pillows, mattresses), bath towels, throws and cushions for bedroom and living spaces so you can get that luxury right through your home – with peace of mind that the products will last!

How does Hotel at Home strike the balance between being stylish and affordable?
Often you have to pay a fortune for high quality bedding, which is why it’s often a luxury many can’t afford. Hotel at Home products have a fantastic price point, but rather than just offering boring options their colourways and fabrics are very chic meaning you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. 

How can people mix and match the pieces to give their bedroom a unique feel?
I like to choose different, non-matching sheet sets and duvet sets with an element of commonality. It could be colours that work together like Woodrose and Grey or Oatmeal and Sage. Or it could be a pattern like Waffle teamed back with a plain. Then I like to add a throw, quilt or comforter in another texture like cable knit and scatter cushions. Mixing these fabrics like linen and sateen, cotton and velvet, plus different shapes and tones, adds depth and texture on your bed making it more unique and interesting.

What should people look for when investing in new bedding?
Natural fibres are important because you need breathability and temperature regulation for a healthy sleep, I also always look for sustainably made options. But I also think it’s really important to identify your ‘bedding personality.’ Different fabrics and thread counts feel different to all of us, so I encourage touching and feeling the different fabrics to see what you vibe with before purchasing. Then choose a fabric ‘look’ that suits your style. That might sound odd, but different fabrics create different looks. Linen is lovely, laidback and casual, while sateen has more luxe lustre, and crisp cotton looks more formal.

What colour trends are happening in the bedroom space this year?
The bedroom is one of the only spaces that is completely your own so people are designing their rooms more to themes and colours that evoke a mood. While neutrals will always be popular, I’ve noticed designers, brands and consumers getting braver with colour. I’m seeing and using combinations like dusky pink, magenta and biscuit; rust, peach and chocolate; sage green, teal and aqua. Colour drenching is very popular – this is when everything in a room is varying shades of the same colour. So rather than high contrast you achieve this calming effect of graduating colour.

What bedding or room trends are you seeing so far this year?
People are wanting that sanctuary feeling at home, as life is busy and there’s a lot going on in the world. Bedrooms are being designed more with the five senses in mind so that the room feels as good as it looks, upping the experience factor. So we’re seeing biophilic design that’s cosy, textural and nature inspired. On the other hand, maximalism, nostalgic and hotel-style are also big bedroom trends for 2024 – these are so popular because they allow your personal style to be centre stage. No matter what the trend, sustainability is key and it’s important to invest in little luxuries like quality bed linen that is made in a sustainable way and will stand the test of time.

Do you think people should be putting a bit more attention and emphasis into their bedrooms/ bedding? If so, why?
Yes absolutely! Beautiful bedding is the gift that keeps giving. Life can get expensive and it can be difficult to achieve your ultimate renovation or dream home. But focusing on smaller, more achievable design goals really can transform a room. By choosing a colour palette for your bed, buying beautiful bed linen and styling it in a special way, you are adding a lot of design wow factor to that room. Not only that, the benefits of resting, relaxing and sleeping in quality bed linen are huge. It’s so rewarding to feel pampered when you get into bed and to get the best sleep you possibly can.

People often opt for white – should we be moving on from this?
While white will always be popular I do encourage people to experiment more with colour even if it’s soft. I find a combination of white and natural tones is immediately more soothing than pure white. Colour is psychological and we have very personal reactions to different colours, which is why using colour in your home is such a powerful tool because it evokes a certain mood. One trick I use is to use ‘dusky’ colours rather than brights – these colours have more depth so they look calmer and can be an easier introduction to using colour in the home. Or you can try the 60/30/10 trick – 60% is your main colour this could be white or neutral and be your walls, ceiling and sheets. 30% is your accent colour which can be art and your duvet cover. The final 10% is your highlight colour which can be accessories – this can even be a metallic.

What are your top picks from the range?
I love the luxe look of the 400 & 500 TC Sateen Sheet sets. The Bamboo Linen Duvet covers are so incredibly soft with a gorgeous colour range. The Waffle Duvet Cover sets are an eternal favourite as they work in so many different interiors. I use the Café Feather & Down Blanket all the time for layering and styling clients’ beds. And I love the soft rib on the Indulgence Bath Towel.

Images: Supplied


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