The new ‘It’ bags everyone is going ga-ga over

4 February 2017
By Fashion Quarterly

It bags everyone loves (H)

Believe us when we say, these new bags are to die for.

There are bags and then there are bags – and we bring you two of the recent best to hit the runway.

Fresh from Chanel’s Spring Summer 2017 ready-to-wear show is the ‘Gabrielle’.

The Gabrielle, named after designer Gabrielle Chanel, draws inspiration from the Coco Chanel 1955-designed 2.55 bag – the single chain strap shoulder purse which was revolutionary for its time.

Handbag aficionados everywhere will be familiar with the quilted classic which, despite having been designed over 60 years ago, still holds sway as one of the most coveted purses a woman can own.

An illustration of the Gabrielle by Karl Lagerfeld. Photo: Instagram


The Gabrielle, which pays homage to it’s originator, offers a retro-futuristic take on the new classic. According to reports, designer Karl Lagerfeld took inspiration for the bag’s brilliant shape from augmented-reality glasses as well as men’s binocular cases.

The Gabrielle is to be a modern classic. Photo: Instagram

The bag has been fitted with an adjustable double-chain and leather strap and has been crafted from aged calfskin. However, the technology used to create the bag is what elevates it: A thermoformed base supports a light, supple main body that changes form to accommodate the body in movement. Comfiest bag ever? Perhaps.

Right up alongside Chanel’s latest, is Louis Vuitton’s newest classic, the ‘Petit Malle’ – in phone case form.

The 'Petit Malle' has quickly become a coveted item among the fashion pack. Photo: Instagram

The new cell phone cases were presented as part of the Louis Vuitton Spring 2017 collection, and could be the cutest designer accessory we’ve ever seen.

Inspiration for the Petit Malle comes in part from the 2014 Nicholas Ghesquirere Petit Malle trunk bag which made its debut at the designer’s inaugural collection.

There’s been plenty of hype since the designer sent the cases down the runway, with fashion obsessives everywhere making it their mission to get their hands on one.

The 'Petit Malle' comes in classic Vuitton colours or a modern finish. Photo: Instagram

The case, which comes in classic Louis Vuitton colours, is also available in blue or red crocodile skin, as well as a gold or silver metallic finish.

Photos: Instagram

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