That’s a wrap: creating salon-worthy hair with the Dyson Airwrap Hair Styler

21 September 2021
By Fashion Quarterly

Whether it’s bouncy beach curls or a sleek-yet-voluminous blow wave you’re after this spring, with a little help from the incredibly versatile Dyson Airwrap styler, creating salon-worthy styles at home has never been easier.


Hair: Michael Beel
Photography:  Karen Ishiguro
Make-up: Kiekie Stanners

Get the look: To create Rainer’s curls Beel used the pre-styling dryer and 20mm Dyson Airwrap styler long barrels. “The new skinnier 20mm Dyson Airwrap styler attachment means you can get a much tighter curl.”

Nothing quite beats the feeling of stepping out of the salon with glossy, freshly blow-dried tresses. And while we all want that confidence boost that comes hand in hand with great hair to last long after we’ve left the salon, recreating salon-worthy styles at home hasn’t always been easy. Despite various at-home hair tools promising to boost volume, create curls and give us radiant locks, styling tools that use extreme heat come with a caveat: using them frequently is one of the quickest ways to damage hair. 

“Traditional hair tools can reach temperatures of around 180 to 220 degrees celsius—it’s very hot,” explains New Zealand Dyson styling ambassador Michael Beel. If you’ve ever wrestled with your traditional hair straightener or curling tong as they tug on your tresses, you’re not alone. Dry and brittle hair, colour fading and split ends are all telltale signs that conventional hair tools have damaged your hair. “They’re all giveaways that your hair is damaged and needs some extra attention,” Beel says. 

With this common concern in mind, Dyson has spent almost a decade researching the science of hair. And today, it’s this unwavering commitment to hair science that is at the heart of Dyson’s hair tool philosophy. As Sandra Lup, lead design engineer for Dyson’s research, design and development personal care department, explains: “As engineers at Dyson, we always start with the problem.” 


“For years, people often had to compromise on their hair health to achieve the styles they want,” Lup says. “Our research uncovered that the main frustration was hair damage caused by heated devices to style hair.” Fortunately, thanks to Dyson’s unique and innovative approach to styling, hair health no longer has to be sacrificed to create salon-worthy styles in the comfort of your own home. While conventional hair tools use extreme heat to style hair, the Dyson Airwrap styler harnesses a remarkable aerodynamic phenomenon called the Coanda effect to style hair into various looks—whether it’s soft beachy curls or voluminous blow waves, Dyson’s innovative use of the Coanda effect in the Airwrap makes creating whichever style you desire easy minus the unwanted extreme heat damage. 

Get the look: For this look Beel used the pre-styling dryer, Firm Smoothing Brush and Round Volumising Brush.
Get the look: To style Bianca’s look Beel used the pre-styling dryer, 30mm Dyson Airwrap styler barrels, 30mm Dyson Airwrap styler long barrels attachment. Beel’s top tip when using the barrels to curl is to always check the direction of the attachment you’re using. “You want the hair to flow back off the face.”

According to Beel there are two ways to mould hair into a different shape—by water or by heat. The Dyson difference, as Beel goes on to explain, is that the Airwrap uses air and moisture in the hair to help create shape, smoothness and shine. “With the Dyson Airwrap styler you’re using air to help dry and style hair at a lower temperature and a lot faster too. You’re maintaining your hair integrity and health at the same time,” says Beel. “With most other hot tools you’re heating up hair and breaking down the bonds of the hair to style it. But with the Airwrap it uses moisture left in the hair to help shape it into the style you desire.”

What this means is that rather than damage hair, with the Dyson Airwrap styler hair health and integrity is retained because you’re using a much lower heat without sacrificing style. “One of the long-term effects with my clients is when they’re using the Dyson Airwrap styler at home, their hair is much healthier and in better condition.” 

And as for that confidence boost that comes from great hair: “My clients often get stopped in the street because their hair looks so great because of the Airwrap. It’s perfect for recreating that ‘just stepped out of the salon after a blow dry’ look.”

The science of hair

“From our extensive research, we understand that excessive heat from styling tools can cause irreversible damage,” explains Sandra Lup, lead design engineer for Dyson’s research, design and development personal care department. “Despite many products on the market claiming to ‘repair damage’ this scientifically isn’t possible. These products simply improve the feel and appearance of the hair, yet the core damage is left unchanged. Our insights also inform us that with the right education and equipped with the right tools, damage can be easily avoided. Dyson beauty technologies feature Intelligent Heat Control together with a range of heat settings. This ensures the temperature can be tailored for your hair type and desired style, while maintaining consistent heat output.” 

Thanks to its intelligent heat control function, the Dyson Airwrap styler measures the airflow temperature over 40 times a second. This means the temperature of the Airwrap is kept under 150 degrees celsius, preventing unwanted hair damage that comes hand in hand with the high temperatures that conventional hair tools use to style hair.

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