Rachel Steadman’s five tips for maintaining great eyebrows in lockdown

28 September 2021

Rachel Steadman, brow expert at OFF&ON, shares with us five tips to maintain your brows in lockdown (and avoid an over-plucking disaster!).

Rachel Steadman

1. Let them grow! 

I know it’s tempting to pick up the tweezers as your usually groomed brows take on a life of their own during lockdown—but please, don’t take it too far! Think of it as the perfect opportunity to let your brows grow out while we’re inside more often and seeing fewer people, leaving you with beautiful, full brows ready for your first post-lockdown appointment. As a bonus, it’s the perfect time to grow your brows out as hair grows faster in the warmer months – thank you, spring. If you really must pluck, make sure you stick to stray hairs outside the natural brow outline to avoid an over-plucking disaster. 

2. Exfoliate 

Apart from brow products and a monthly shape, most people tend to neglect their brow health—did you know that you can look after your brows similarly to how you look after your skin? Exfoliating your brows using a manual exfoliator to remove any dead skin and stimulate blood flow will keep your brows looking fresh—and can even help you get more value out of your next brow tint. I recommend exfoliating a few days before a brow colour appointment to help the colour apply more evenly, and to get more longevity out of a tint.

Rachel Steadman

3. Hydrate 

You already know hydration is vital for glowing skin, but what about your brows? Hydrating after exfoliating is key to rehydrating both your skin and your hair. During lockdown, you can use any oil you have to hand on your brows, such as castor oil, olive oil, or coconut oil. 


4. Don’t be afraid to go bold 

Scientists have found that brows are the key feature for emotional expression as well as facial recognition. So, while our faces are hidden due to mask-wearing, make your brows the star of the show! Now is the time to go slightly bolder with brows to balance the heaviness of a mask. I recommend brushing brows upwards and setting with a brow gel or brow soap to add a lift to the face, and filling your brows in with a pencil or powder to add definition. 

5. Try a new treatment

Once we’re out of lockdown, what better time to treat yourself to something new? At the moment, OFF&ON are loving brow lifts (commonly known as brow lamination), to reset hairs into place and cover any gaps in the brow. This helps to create a fuller and fluffy look. Alternatively, microblading is a great option to add definition and colour back to the face—and the long-lasting effect is ideal while appointments are less regular than usual. 

OFF&ON Brow Lift & Brow Wow before and after.

Not sure about changing up your brows? Before committing, try OFF&ON’s Believable Brow Instagram filter to see what you could look like with a fresh new set of brows. 


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