Cherry chocolate brunette is the hair colour of the season, according to our sources

24 April 2024
By Fashion Quarterly

Step aside cowboy copper, the shade most-loved for 2024 marries fashion's two trendiest hues to create an intense and rich colour adopted by Hollywood's A-listers.

Dua Lipa. Instagram via @maryphillips

What is Cherry Chocolate Brunette?

Also known as ‘Cherry Cola’, the trend starts with a timeless chocolate base and layers a luscious cherry glaze for a refined take on the ongoing red hair trend. Expect a delicate burgundy hue where the brown and red tones blend subtly, evoking the rich colour of black cherries rather than the coppery red of strawberry blondes.

According to Colleen hairstylist Helena Madonna, “what makes this kind of red ultra-wearable and flattering is the addition of a deeper base and the violet, almost mahogany undertones,” she says.  “On some hair, this can be achieved without pre-lightening and in terms of maintenance, it’s made easy by the range of red-toned shampoos and conditioners.”

Why we love the Cherry Chocolate Brunette trend

Though iconic, the Rihanna Red circa-2010 that had young women running to box dye their virgin hair to rival their brazen faux tans has left many of us, understandably, a little colour shy. But here’s why Cherry Chocolate Brunette is different. Not only does it leverage a rich chocolately brunette as a base but it also allows you to play with varying red intensities. And, depending on your complexion, you can sway between plum/purple-reds or true-reds, resulting in a more subdued and complementary look. Plus, as the colour inevitably fades, it’s going to leave you with a much more natural result. 

Celebrity references for Cherry Chocolate Brunette

Popular reference points for the coveted colour largely trace back to Dua Lipa, who debuted an intense iteration of the colour in October 2023 – benching her signature dark hair in favour of a warm cherry tint. Coupled with the release of Little Mermaid (2023) where actor Halle Bailey’s long braided locks mesmerised in a warm copper brown, we’re seeing more celebrities gravitate to these rich, healthy hues. Earlier this year, Zendaya was sighted leaving the Schiaparelli show wearing a cherry cola gown and the micro-bangs to match. 

What to ask your stylist at your next appointment

When aiming for the cherry chocolate brunette hair colour trend, communicate clearly with your stylist. Request a chocolate brunette base with a plum or cherry gloss for added depth and vibrancy. If you’re already a brunette and fairly happy with your current shade, you can opt for a gloss which gives your colour a subtle boost in shine and shade, or request more cherry red ribbons softly placed through your ends. Providing reference images can ensure your colourist understands your vision accurately. Which brings us to…

How to wear Cherry Chocolate Brunette hair

Curly, waved, crimped, styled in a prom updo (major trend alert), or blown out and glossy, we’re yet to see this colour worn poorly. But in case you need a little inspiration, here are a few examples from Instagram, because where else? 

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