Meet the organic period brand that understands what your body needs

26 May 2022
By Fashion Quarterly

There are so many reasons why you need to make the switch to TOM Organic. 

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For some, menstruation is never a joyful time of the month, with individuals experiencing everything from mood swings and dreaded cramps to heavy bleeding. So if you’re looking to find comfort and regain control over your cyclical experience, quality period products can provide a little luxury during such an unpredictable time. 

With more people who menstruate looking for quality period products that are kind to their bodies and the environment, this is where organic period products come into play. Australian period care brand TOM Organic launched in New Zealand this year, named after the acronym for ‘time of month’ and founded on the philosophy that we shouldn’t have to compromise the health and wellbeing of our bodies and the planet. Since 2009, TOM Organic has made products with organic cotton and biodegradable materials free from pesticides, chlorine bleach, and dioxins. 

Offering a range of products to suit all preferences and stages of life, TOM Organic offers tampons, pads, liners, and reusable period cups. But the company’s mission goes beyond what’s available on the supermarket shelves, which is why you’ll find a wealth of resources on the TOM Organic blog and Instagram account. There’s everything from education on exercises to do when you have your period, lived experiences of the debilitating premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and the vaginal microbiota’s influence on UTIs and fertility.

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Connected to its community, TOM Organic has conducted valuable research on 25 to 50-year-old Kiwis who menstruate. The results are intriguing — 80% of Kiwis said it’s important to know what their period care products are made from, with 76% feeling that sustainability is an important factor, and 56% considering it key that their products are organic. Yet despite this, only 11% claimed to know exactly what their period products were made from. 

So, why go organic when it comes to menstrual products? We already take care with what we eat, the clothes we wear, and the skincare we use, including choosing eco-friendly formulations and materials that cater to our sensitivities. And when it comes to period products, organic can be gentler on the body and planet. 

Impressively, the TOM Organic tampons are made from 100% certified organic cotton and nothing else, and are hypoallergenic and biodegradable. Turning to the TOM Organic pads, they’re a way to add a little luxury into your day, being breathable and made using an interwoven core (which means no bunching or leaking), organic cotton, and other biodegradable materials. And if your choice of period product is a cup, the TOM Organic cup is made from medical grade silicone, with intuitive indents to allow for easy removal. Made in Australia, the cup comes with a storage bag and a first-of-its-kind microwave steriliser case to kill bacteria in just 60 seconds — a quick and hassle-free solution for a thorough clean.

It’s evident that TOM Organic is bringing period care into the 21st century with its focus on education and empowerment via its digital channels. Its quality products may be a small choice to make, but they bear a big impact. Give them a go — you may just find you’ll be reaching for them on repeat when that time of the month rolls around next.

TOM Organic products are available in Chemist Warehouse stores nationwide & New World and Pak’nSave supermarkets in the North Island. Discover more about TOM Organic by visiting


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