Meet Stacey O’Gorman, the host of sexual wellness podcast Finger Food

26 May 2022
By Hemma Vara

From the woman who brought you Meringue Girls comes a thought-provoking podcast series on pleasure and identity.

Stacey O'Gorman. Image: Logan Buchanan.

What began as a natural expression of Stacey O’Gorman’s passions, food and sex, is the newly debuted podcast Finger Food. A thought-provoking series showcasing pleasure and sex in a beautiful and accessible way, O’Gorman aims to encourage better understandings of sexuality, gender and intimacy. 

Finger Food is a significant milestone for O’Gorman, having switched careers from one pleasure to another. The accomplished Kiwi is a former London bakery owner, culinary artist and cookbook author who, in the present day, studies holistic sexuality and mentors women around the world. 

Speaking of the podcast, O’Gorman says, “there is so much joy and wonder at the deep connection that comes when we can openly share and truly listen to each other.” 

Inviting Finger Food listeners to come prepared with an open mind and heart, O’Gorman explains, “I’m forever learning, and I would love for others to come along for the ride and learn alongside me. I have been deeply touched and inspired by the storytellers, and I can’t wait for you to experience their magic!”

For the inaugural season of Finger Food, O’Gorman speaks to a handful of progressive, gender diverse and sexually expressed humans who vulnerably share their personal stories and journeys. The six episodes feature photographer Rob Tennent, tattoo artist Alma Proenca, model Ashleigh Williams, writer Maddox Drew, actor Biku Wernick, and actress Batanai Mashingaidze. 

We talk to O’Gorman about the origins of Finger Food, and what she’s discovered along the way. Read on for our q&a to find out more, including why you should tune in. 

Finger Food campaign imagery. Directed and shot by Rob Tennent.

Tell us about the podcast and how the concept of ‘Finger Food’ came to mind. 

The podcast blossomed from a photoshoot I did with creative Rob Tennent late last year. Being in and out of lockdowns left me with the urge to express myself out of the monotony. I had the idea to create a beautiful shoot around sensuality and pleasure, and I asked Rob to be involved. To my delight, he was keen and invited some of his young, inspiring, liberated friends to model. 


I was intrigued by all the glorious humans that showed up for the shoot. I wanted to know more about their stories. It led us to a recording studio, cups of tea in hand, sharing stories about all things sexuality, gender and intimacy — the most spontaneous organic unfolding of a podcast that ever lived.

Finger Food is about so much more than sex, amplifying conversations around connection, acceptance, and letting go of judgement. Tell us more — what will listeners gain from tuning in?  

The hope is that individuals will be able to tune in and connect with these stories, maybe feel less alone in their encounters or find commonality with others. Those who listen may be emboldened to go beyond whatever they have been told about who they ought to be, and discover new ways to express this.

Attitudes around sexuality, gender, and stigma are shifting. What has fostered this shift? 

I’ve noticed a definite shift in the collective attitude. This change is attributed to a range of interrelated things – we’re seeing activism explode on social media, inspiring us to take action in our own circles and communities. We can access information and support we couldn’t before, and there are more platforms for us to share our stories and support one another. 

Conversations around safe, healthy relationships are becoming normalised and encouraged. We’re starting to see diverse language evolving around sex, pleasure and the freedom to express ourselves exactly as we are. There is a hunger for a revised and evolved exploration of sexuality, and I’m here for it!

Tell us about a Finger Food guest you interviewed and why their message resonated with you?

I resonated deeply with everyone’s unique stories. It was intriguing to discover common threads between individuals. Half of the people I spoke to talked about being fetishised. I learnt that people fetishise race, gender, sexuality, and body type. When unsolicited, this can be profoundly dehumanising to those who encounter it. 

It was also interesting to hear that most individuals were not necessarily attracted to someone because of their gender but instead their essence. We discussed how wonderful it felt to let go of individual recipes of attraction that we’ve written for ourselves.

If I have to pick one podcast episode, I really connected with Ash William’s journey (episode two). She speaks about the power of owning your sexuality through erotic dance and performance. Her inspirational journey of sexual liberation left me fizzing and wanting to join her on stage! 

Finger Food campaign imagery. Directed and shot by Rob Tennent.

Seven quickfire questions with Stacey O’Gorman 

1. You are currently studying holistic sexuality. What are your biggest take aways to date? 

Self-pleasure is the key to understanding your own body,needs, boundaries and desires. And if you have trouble orgasming or you are in your head a lot during sex, mindfulness, breathwork, sounding, and movement are fantastic tools to get you into your body and experience more present moment pleasure! 

2. A book that changed my life is…

Pussy: A Reclamation by Regena Thomashauer. 

3. Your guilty pleasures…

Indulging in Spaghetti Aglio e Olio and watching Bridgerton. 

4. Your favourite places in Aotearoa to dine…

Celeste, Pici, and Grand Harbour forever. 

5. Your favourite place for a cocktail… 

Annabel’s Wine Bar. 

6. The wellness product you can’t live without…

I am a big fan of Clover Ferments. They are these incredible probiotic gut tonics I religiously take every morning. 

7. How would you describe your personal style, and what are the clothes you’re currently coveting? 

I love a good charity shop bargain and curated vintage collections. Last weekend I purchased a delicious vintage Perry Ellis cardigan from the Waves sale at Penny Sage. It makes my heart sing with joy.

Finger Food Season One is available to stream on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play and Stitcher. 


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