Let’s Talk Women’s Health: Stress, Burnout, Self-Care and Movement

30 November 2023
By Fashion Quarterly

That's a wrap! We recap on the highlights from our first Let's Talk conversation series held in Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland.

FQ's Let's Talk panel: Carmen Doran, CEO of Helius, panel host and FQ editor-in-chief Sarah Murray, Sala founder Sarah Lindsay, and Embodyme founder Sarah Reid.

Following the launch of Fashion Quarterly‘s summer 2024 ‘Authenticity’ issue, we hosted our inaugural event, FQ Let’s Talk. Focussing on women’s health, the atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm and empowerment as an engaged group of women gathered to delve into the crucial conversation of identifying, managing, and preventing stress and burnout.

We opened the event with a meditative breathwork exercise by Sala founder Sarah Lindsay. Panel host and FQ editor-in-chief Sarah Murray initiated the conversation with a personal story of her experience of the pressures of ‘having it all’ balancing a fast-paced career with three young children before opening it up to panel guests Sarah Lindsay, Sarah Reid, and Carmen Doran. 

We explored the nuances of recognising stress and burnout in our lives and in those around us. Understanding the early signs is a crucial step toward proactively addressing these challenges. Each speaker revealed their “a-ha” moment when they realised that they needed to make space for their own healing, recognising importance of self-care and setting boundaries. The conversations extended to preventive measures, emphasising the role of workplace culture, support systems, and the significance of solitude, nature, daily rituals, and movement.

We extend our gratitude to everyone who participated, shared their stories, and contributed to the vibrant tapestry of insights. FQ Let’s Talk was not just an event; it was a testament to the strength that emerges when women come together to support and uplift each other.

Continue reading below for more on our speakers, the venue, and to listen to the live recording. 

Our speakers

Sarah Lindsay, founder of Auckland’s multi-disciplinary studio Sala, offered a refreshing take on mindfulness and movement, drawing a connection between our daily movement and our inherent creativity; and consciously placing ourselves in environments with high vibrations. According to Sarah Reid, founder of Embodyme, there is power to be drawn from our daily rituals; time in nature, making time to meditate, time spent in sunlight early in the morning, and prioritising sleep. CEO of Helius, Carmen Doran, was guilty of overcommitting at work before recognising the life-changing mindset shift of managing our energy, not our time. She too, acknowledged the stress-alleviating power of time spent in nature. For her, taking an hour to cycle when she’s under pressure has a positive flow on effect for her work, her team, and her family environments. 

To learn more about their commentary and feel a part of the conversation, listen to the live recording found at the base of this article. 

About the venue

At The Hotel Britomart’s Libraries venue, the ambiance was carefully crafted to foster connection, combining stylish elements with a cosy atmosphere for our intimate group of 50 women. There were delicious Almighty mocktails on arrival and a stream of delectable canapés including Te Matuku oysters, smoked snapper rillettes, venison carpaccio, fried chicken, and potato, mascarpone, and truffle croquettes.  Each corner has been gloriously decorated with stunning floral installations by Floralcentric

Inside the Let's Talk tote bags

A lot can be said about the quality of an event by the content of its goody bags. And for our inaugural FQ Let’s Talk event, they did not disappoint. Curated with a selection of products from premium partners, each inclusion is designed to help our guests nourish their minds, body, and soul. There was a Clinicians women’s multi-vitamin, Antipodes’ Eye Bio-Retinol serum, a Murad Vita-C Triple Exfoliating Facial, Embodyme’s Kindness Nurturing Body Oil, an Abel discovery set, Almighty drinks, and gift vouchers for Caci and Skinsmiths. Oh, and the latest copy o Fashion Quarterly of course! 


A huge thank you to our brilliant panel host, Sarah Murray, editor-in-chief of FQ, for steering the conversation with finesse and grace, and to our wonderful guest speakers for their personal lens on stress and burnout: Sarah Lindsay from Sala, Sarah Reid from Embodyme, and Carmen Doran from Helius. Your expertise and insights added immense value to the evening, and we’re grateful for your contributions.

And to our sponsors – who made this event possible – we feel very fortunate. Helius, Clinicians, The Hotel Britomart, Sala, and Embodyme.

Listen to Let's Talk

FQ is committed to fostering spaces where women can engage in meaningful conversations, share wisdom, and propel each other toward success. If you missed out on attending our event, or you’re simply keen to revisit the conversation, get your headphones, get outdoors and tune into the live recording below. 


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