Embodyme founder Sarah Reid on putting self-care first with a simple ritual

20 November 2023
By Fashion Quarterly

In the form of her luxurious quartet of toxin-free, plant-based body oils, Embodyme founder Sarah Reid gently encourages you to develop a daily routine that puts you first for a moment.

Embodyme’s belief is simple: true beauty comes from caring for ourselves as a whole. Learning to prioritise yourself, free from guilt, is an absolute necessity to thrive in our modern world.

Embodyme seeks to elevate body care to self-care and self-care to daily rituals to empower women to look, feel and be the best version of themselves. It’s more than just body care — it’s a reminder for women to prioritise self-care, reconnect with their body and mind, and enhance their overall wellbeing. 

We’re all about the body from the neck down. Women love caring for their face but often neglect the rest, yet caring for our body is such a powerful wellbeing opportunity as it provides us with a moment to reset and reconnect, focus our attention inward and nurture ourselves. Also, we know that the skin is our largest organ and primary barrier for defence, so it really does deserve our attention. 

Personally, I’ve always loved the luxurious texture of oils. They penetrate deeply into the skin and when they’re derived from natural ingredients, they’re packed with beneficial nutrients such as antioxidants and vitamins that nourish and protect. Our Nurturing Body Oils are as close to nature as possible, easily absorbed, and non-comedogenic, meaning they won’t block pores. They’re made in Auckland using a carefully curated collection of plant-based oils that have been predominantly grown and processed in New Zealand. It was important to us to support local where possible, as well as ensure a short supply chain and timeframe for delivery to maintain the integrity of the oils. 

Embodyme Nurturing Body Oil comes in four scents: Courage, Joy, Peace and Kindness. I believe these qualities are inherent in all of us; however, the complexities and challenges of modern life can affect our ability to consistently feel and express them. Embodyme serves as a gentle reminder, nudging us to nurture these essential qualities within ourselves. I’d love for the world to live in greater harmony and compassion, and for people to feel confident, happy, serene and loving. Embodyme aspires to be a catalyst for positive change, through helping us to achieve more emotional balance. 

Now, more than ever, it’s essential to find moments away from the hustle and bustle of daily life to nurture ourselves and care for our bodies from the inside out.

Self- care is so important for women. We often face multiple roles and expectations, such as being the primary caregiver, a professional and a homemaker, which can lead to overwhelming stress and burnout. Taking time for self-care empowers women to prioritise their wellbeing, improve their own health and happiness, and also set an example for others. 

After facing several health challenges in my late 30s and dealing with the demands of having small children, I decided to leave the [beauty-related] corporate world and pursue a new path. I studied to become a qualified health coach — a change that transformed my approach to health and wellbeing, and made me recalibrate my view of beauty. I’ve been working on this project for more than three years, and it’s been meticulously considered from the beginning. I’m fully aware of the responsibility that comes with introducing products into the world, and the importance of minimising their impact on the environment and promoting responsible consumerism. While juggling my role as the primary caregiver for my three wonderful children, I’ve dedicated my time and energy to ensuring this brand has a vision that’s driven by purpose. 

I created Embodyme to unite body care with true self-care, so women see beauty as caring for themselves as a whole and are inspired to reconnect with themselves. Our curated collection of body-care products using the finest natural ingredients in luxuriously uplifting formulations serves as a reminder for women to slow down and carve out precious moments for themselves, without guilt, and to acknowledge that their needs as important as those of the people they care for. These moments don’t need to be grand gestures that require a lot of investment in terms of time or money. Instead, it’s the micro-moments and daily habits that have the most transformative effect on your overall wellbeing, enhancing your capacity to feel courage, joy, peace and kindness.

Embodyme Nurturing Body Oil is available at embodymedaily.com and selected retailers nationwide, including Angel Divine, Aro Hā, Hana, Hedgerow and The Facialist.

This article originally appeared in Fashion Quarterly’s  Spring 2023 issue. 


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