Put to the test: Jeuneora Skincare

14 June 2022
By Nicole Saunders

Fashion Quarterly's editor-at-large, Nicole Saunders, puts Jeuneora's skincare collection to the test and discovers an uncomplicated yet highly effective solution to an array of common skin problems.

Produced in partnership with Jeuneora. 

Embarking on a new skincare routine can be a little bewildering. If you’re anything like me: ‘What products do I actually need? Will they be suitable for my skin type? How do I use them?’ are probably some of the conundrums you’ve pondered. Fortunately, when Jeuneora’s concise collection of skincare lands on my doorstep, I’m reminded skincare doesn’t have to be overly complicated to be effective. 

Right off the bat, it’s hard not to notice the eye-catching, vibrant packaging — yes, I can attest that these (recyclable!) bottles and jars will look exceptionally good in your bathroom.

But there’s more to the packaging than just good looks. Jeuneora’s range caters to many skin concerns without perplexing the user – a big plus in my books. We’re all time-poor, and I’d rather not spend hours each morning slathering on various serums without really understanding what they’re doing.

There was no need for me to try and decipher a mind-boggling ingredients list as each of the key ingredients are smack-bang on the front of each product. Plus, another big tick is that the packaging is designed to keep the skincare formulations safe from light, air, and bacteria – in other words, all the things you want to avoid exposing active ingredients to. The result is skincare that’s as effective as possible, for as long as possible.

The AM routine

The collection of products lands just at the right time. My usually easy-to-manage skin is at its most finicky once winter arrives. As humidity levels drop, moisture is zapped from my complexion, leaving my skin drier than usual – a common seasonal skin concern many can commiserate with. Usually, at this time of the year I’d be reaching for heavy-duty moisturisers, so I’m eager to see how Jeuneora’s skincare range steps up to the challenge.

First up is the cornerstone of any skincare routine: a great cleanser. Jeuneora has a couple of options, and if you’re double-cleansing inclined, they make the dream duo. However, I keep it simple and opt for the OhMyDays Foaming Cloud Cleanser which I soon discovered is an invigorating way to start and end the day.

I wasn’t sure if the cleanser would be up to removing makeup that doesn’t want to budge, but I was pleasantly surprised. In the evenings, eye makeup was removed, and my skin felt clean and bouncy, ready for the next step in my Jeuneora routine. The foaming cleanser contains caviar lime extract – a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids. This means each time you use it you’re gently whisking away dull skin cells to reveal luminous skin. 

Jeuneora Brightening Booster

No matter your skin type, no routine is complete without a seriously good vitamin C serum – because who doesn’t want more radiant, healthy skin? While some vitamin C serums can be a tad problematic: think pilling as soon as you apply the next step in your routine, Jeuneora’s Brightening Booster is fuss-free. I find it glides onto my skin, is absorbed in a jiffy, and gets to work quickly to even out my skin tone and banish that lingering post-summer pigmentation. 

Post-serum application, I often have to wait a while before slathering on the next step in my routine. But Jeuneora’s super lightweight and quick-working formulas mean there’s no waiting for serums to penetrate your complexion. Just like the Brightening Booster, the GoLightly Plump & Protect Day Cream is a dream to apply. And I love that the moisturiser’s air-tight pump packaging means no sticking fingers into it and jeopardising the efficaciousness of the hydrating formula. My skin is hydrated all day long, and it’s reassuring to know that the moisturiser contains Arctalis. This one-of-a-kind marine-derived ingredient boosts your skin’s barrier function and protects it from blue light pollution.

The PM routine

Retinol is a tricky one to work into your routine. Yes, it’s a superstar ingredient — you can say goodbye to the signs of ageing when you use it — but it does tend to come with some unwanted skin irritation. With this in mind, Jeuneora came up with Renewing Booster Advanced Retinol Serum: a clever formulation that harnesses potent next-gen retinol that achieves your skin goals, minus the unwanted impact it can have on your complexion.

While I noticed my skin was ever-so-slightly drier than normal when I initially started using the serum, it was short-lived. Because the formula also contains a host of nourishing jojoba, macadamia and olive lipids and aloe vera, I didn’t experience any flaking, redness, or irritation commonly associated with retinol. Instead, my complexion appeared more resilient than before. 

I also had Jeuneora’s SuperSuper Face Oil on hand, which works wonders if you are suffering from a bit of dryness – a common bugbear once winter shows up. Truth be told, I’ve never really been a face oil convert, as I tend to find them too heavy on my skin. However, SuperSuper’s clever blend of nine nourishing plant and nut oils feels precisely the opposite on application. It’s lightweight, absorbs quickly, and its
recommended use is after your choice of Jeuneora moisturiser. I found popping it on directly before my foundation my favourite way to use it – it gives skin a boost of luminosity.

Jeuneora makes getting restorative beauty sleep incredibly easy. I immediately noticed the soothing scent of the GoNightly Overnight Repair Cream, and while it smells divine, it’s actually very clever game-changing technology called DreamScentz™. More than just a beautiful scent, the innovative skincare tech uses the power of scent to optimise your sleep experience. Of course, there is an array of rejuvenating, skin-health enhancing ingredients in the night moisturiser. Natural essential fatty acids, hydrating hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C all get to work to boost the skin’s overnight repair process.

Jeuneora Renewing Booster

The Verdict

Effective skincare that delivers noticeable results doesn’t have to be confusing or complicated – something that Jeuneora does very well. I find that each product is straightforward to use, but that doesn’t mean Jeuneora has sacrificed heavy-hitting ingredients. The formulations include all the superheroes of the skincare world – the likes of retinol, vitamin C, alpha-hydroxy acids, and plenty of hyaluronic acid – and feature innovative ingredients that have a noticeable impact on the health of my skin.

For me, it’s essential that any multi-step skincare routine feels like a ritual and not a chore. While working six new skincare products into your regimen could feel overwhelming, Jeuneora’s skincare is a delight to use. Every one of the formulations that I put to the test is lightweight, glides onto my skin with ease, and are quickly absorbed, ready for the next step in my routine. Combined with the brand’s beloved marine collagen and vegan wellness supplements, its feels like Jeuneora has your inner and outer beauty well and truly covered.

After two weeks of use, my skin is balanced, rejuvenated, and feels and looks stronger than before. And while the impending arrival of winter can cause turmoil when it comes to our complexions, I feel like my skin is now ready to face whatever the chilly season throws at it.


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