The powerful serum you need to refresh & revitalise your eyes

21 September 2021
By Sarah Murray

We look at the benefits of this new eye serum and tell you why you should add it to your skincare regimen, stat.


Clarins’ iconic Double Serum (a formula so popular one bottle is sold every five seconds!) now has a partner in crime. Introducing their new Double Serum Eye—a two in one formula which has been created specifically to treat the delicate eye area. 

Now, many of us might use a serum for our face each night but can be a bit lax when it comes to treating the eye area. This is a big issue if you want to keep fine lines at bay because as many of us know, the eyes are the first area to show visible signs of ageing. Not only is the skin surrounding the eyes thinner and more delicate than the rest of the face, but it’s an area that gets the biggest workout. Every time you move your eyes—to squint or smile—you’re using the muscles around your eyes. And over time loss of collagen and elasticity in this area, combined with environmental factors like sun exposure can lead to the formation of wrinkles and ‘crow’s feet’. And that’s not even getting into the effects of tiredness – dark circles and puffiness to name a few.  

To really combat the effects of ageing it’s essential to treat the eye area separately (and differently) to the rest of your skin, and why a specific product for your eye area is essential for women and men alike. Thankfully Clarins Double Serum Eye is just what you need. Specifically designed to complement their iconic Clarins Double Serum, when used together it will work to double the power of your anti-ageing skincare regimen. The innovative product takes the best from plant, scientific and technological advances, combining them together to act on the visible signs of ageing. Overall, Double Serum Eye works to smooth wrinkles, reduces the appearance of puffiness and dark circles, and strengthens the skin around the eyes. And all this means more radiant and youthful eyes for you. 


Expertly developed following three years of research, the team studied 196 plants and settled on 13 plant extracts which they believe will give the most benefits. Of the plant extracts used in this 96% natural product, there is the powerful duo of organic wild chervil and turmeric—together helping the skin to regain a revitalised appearance by addressing signs of skin ageing. Additionally it also utilises vitamin-rich kiwifruit, nourishing avocado and de-puffing horse chestnut.  

The refreshing formula, which is both water and oil soluble, fuses together like a second skin once applied, giving a slight tightening effect. Its serum-like texture never feels oily when applied on the skin, instantly absorbing into the eye area. Thanks to its super light texture it’s suitable for those who wear contact lenses or have sensitive eyes and can even be worn underneath make-up. For best results simply pump a few drops onto your fingers, making sure you mix it together to warm the serum. Press onto the under eye area and eyelids moving from the inner corner, outwards. Then, press between the eyebrows. This not only feels revitalising, but it promotes a smoother and much more rested eye area, ultimately proving a little care goes a long way.  

Clarins Double Serum Eye is available online at, and in-store and online at Farmers, selected department stores, and pharmacies. Shop it below. 


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