Everything that happened at our FQ autumn sleepover hosted by the Park Hyatt Auckland

21 March 2024
By Amberley Colby

Hold on to your hats, you're coming for the ride! Join our editorial assistant Amberley Colby as she recounts the magical evening.

Amberley Colby, Vanessa Bathfield, Aki Curtis and Kirsten King.

‘Twas time again for our quarterly FQ sleepover to coincide with the launch of our newly released ‘Ambition’ issue. Hosted by publisher and editor in chief Sarah Murray, and joined by a small but selective cohort of women; we lounged, laughed, and lapped up all the luxury that was on offer at our location for the night — the immaculate Park Hyatt Auckland

Read on to discover how the evening unfolded…

FQ Sleepover gifting: Palliser Estate, Shark Beauty FlextStyle, Ninja Blast, YSL Opium Over Red, and Murad.
Sarah Murray with the YSL Opium Over Red.


Holding a prime position on Auckland’s waterfront, expansive views of the Waitemata Harbour awaited each guest as they checked into their rooms at the Park Hyatt. With ample time to soak up their new surroundings, everyone unpacked, admired the opulent amenities, and turned their attention to the assortment of enticing gifts that lay waiting on their beds. There was a personalised skincare set from Murad, a Shark Beauty FlexStyle and Ninja Blast Portable Blender, the new YSL Black Opium Over Red fragrance, and a magnum of Palliser rosé for each guest to take home with them. After unboxing and familiarising themselves with their goodies, everyone relaxed while flicking through the new Fashion Quarterly


It was time to start getting ready for the night ahead. Everyone tamed their tresses using their new Shark Beauty FlexStyle, donned their favourite party looks, and finished off with a generous spritz of YSL Black Opium Over Red which fast became the signature scent for the sleepover. Boasting a sweet, gourmand profile with notes of vanilla, cherry, white floral, and coffee, it was the perfect scent to set the mood. 

Amberley Colby samples the Palliser Estate Pinot Noir.
Wine tasting led by Fleur from Palliser Estate in The Boathouse.


Golden hour was in full force as we made our way down to The Boathouse for a wine tasting. We were greeted with flutes of Palliser Estate brut on arrival, accompanied by a well-curated selection of canapés painstakingly crafted by the Park Hyatt’s chefs. From oysters to blue cheese meringues, each bite was as delectable as the next — tiding everyone over until the evening’s five-course dinner.

After a spot of chatter, we elevated our senses through a guided wine tasting with Palliser brand ambassador, Fleur Fullerton. Sampling a selection of the vineyard’s premium varieties, we compared notes and shared our favourite drops while soaking up the last of the sun’s rays. While the Martinborough region is renown for its pinot noir, the group agreed the Chardonnay was an exceptionally easy sip. 


With more food and wine beckoning, everyone made their way to the Living Room where a stunning tablescape awaited with pops of vibrant florals courtesy of Floral Centric. It was there we savoured dishes such as confit duck leg and braised short rib prepared by Onemata restaurant’s head chef, Rob Hope-Ede, all of which were expertly paired with Palliser’s Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris. While each dish offered a medley of exquisite flavours, the menu’s pièce de résistance came at dessert, where each guest was given a decadent dark chocolate, pecan and date tart, accompanied by a scoop of espresso ice cream.


Feeling well satiated and socialised, it was time to turn in for the evening. We all made our way up to our rooms to begin our respective nighttime rituals, where we cleansed away our make-up with nourishing products from Murad. While some jumped straight into bed to enjoy the soothing turndown oils provided by the Park Hyatt, others took the time to unwind in their room’s spacious soaking bathtub before calling it a night. 

Stunning floral tablescape by Floral Centric.
Stephanie Lai, Ash owens, and Laura Hadlow chat between courses in the Living Room.
Louise Dunn and Kirsten King during the Palliser Estate wine tasting.
Aki Curtis and Kaarina Parker.
Wind down mode: Sarah Murray, Amberley Colby, Jess Molina (back) and Louise Dunn head back to their rooms.

The next morning… 


It was an early start the next day, but after a lengthy sleep in the hotel’s crisp sheets, everyone was feeling rested and restored. A wake-up call came by way of a delivery; each guest received a tray of nutritious ingredients to blend up in their new Ninja Blast Portable Blender. Using the QR code provided, everyone made themselves a pre-workout smoothie to enjoy before morning pilates.


As the sun rose to reveal a glorious blue sky, our minds, bodies and souls received a refresh courtesy of Fluidform Pilates. Hosted on the hotel’s tranquil outdoor pool deck, everyone challenged themselves with an hour-long workout guided by Kirsten King, which proved to be an invigorating way to start our day. 


Before farewelling each other, we connected over one last meal at the hotel’s iconic Onemata restaurant. With our choice of either buffet or a la carte breakfast, we were positively spoiled for choice as we reminisced over last night’s events.


And just like that, another FQ sleepover came to an end. As everyone checked out to begin the rest of their day, the Park Hyatt surprised us with a parting gift of doughnuts from The Pantry — a suitably sweet way to slip back into our routines. 


A morning of movement on the deck led by Kirsten King of Fluidform Pilates.
Kirsten King from Fluidform guides the group through a series of Pilates movements on the deck at the Park Hyatt.

Imagery: Georgia Bramley.


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