Meet our Friday muse, Kirsten King from Fluidform Pilates

24 November 2022
By Fashion Quarterly

FQ speaks with Fluidform Pilates founder Kirsten King on her career to-date to discover why her method is so meaningful.

Kirsten King from Fluidform Pilates is this week's Friday muse, sharing what's on her radar and a glimpse into her career.

Balancing an ever-expanding network of Pilates studios and inspiring a global community to move every single day is no simple feat. FQ speaks with Fluidform Pilates founder Kirsten King on her career to-date to discover why her method is so meaningful.

When it comes to beginning a new type of exercise regime, we’ve all experienced apprehension for one reason or another – time, fear of failure, body insecurity, or simply getting outside our comfort zone. But according to Kirsten, 20 minutes of daily commitment to her practice is the ‘sweet spot’ to achieve results and feel amazing. 

And with 77 countries cottoning on, an online platform which hosts more than 240 workouts, challenges, and a complete nutrition program, and a celebrity following including the likes of Pip Edwards, Georgia Fowler, Elle Ferguson and Nicole Warne, the proof is in the proverbial pudding.

While the power of physical movement and health was always of interest to Kirsten, the Pilates penny, and its ability to transform her approach to exercising, didn’t drop until she was established in her corporate career.

Kirsten grew up on Australia’s Gold Coast where she studied commerce, majoring in consumer behaviour, before shifting to Melbourne to work in marketing. It was when she and her husband made the move to the UK in their twenties that she discovered Pilates.

Growing up, Kirsten wasn’t a stranger to active pursuits: “I was always a runner and played lots of sports growing up, but Pilates changed my body in a completely different way, and shifted my mindset around exercising,” says Kirsten.

So much so that she began working as an instructor in London, which not only kept her feeling physically strong, but also supported her mental wellbeing living in a city so far from home. Once she returned to Australia, Kirsten bought a studio (named Fluidform) and created her own movement with the sole purpose of improving the lives of others by balancing the human body to move freely and efficiently with confidence. 

Kirsten's Fluidform Training offers individuals the opportunity to become a qualified Fluidform instructor.

Earlier this year, Kirsten and her team launched Fluidform Training which offers individuals the opportunity to become a qualified instructor, the Fluidform way. 

“Every new studio opening feels like a new birth in the Fluidform family! The feeling never fails to excite me and fill my cup with joy. Being able to share this feeling and entire experience with the studio owner makes it 100 times more rewarding and exciting.”

Fluidform at Home began in 2019, when a few of Kirsten’s studio clients were travelling and required training outside of her Sydney studios. Kirsten began teaching these clients online, writing them programs to do at home to see the same results they were seeing in the studio.

“Fluidform at Home is essentially an extension of our studios, offering a personalised approach to movement to continue to exceed expectations, transport our members to new places and enjoy the ultimate in-studio experience, from their own homes.” 

Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the demand for Fluidform at Home accelerated, providing people with an outlet for staying healthy and feeling motivated and empowered during times of such uncertainty and fear. 

“Between our growing studio footprint, online and training, it is my dream to see Fluidform studios in every continent, Fluidform teachers in every country and Fluidform at Home in every home.”

Today, the online fitness scene is saturated to say the least. With social media expediting workout hacks one week and invalidating it the next, users are inundated with inaccurate information and fads in circulation. Kirsten believes the success behind her method is because it’s not influenced by industry trends. “I’ve always stayed true to my intention and my practice – I know my method works and has the ability to transform lives.”

At the core of Kirsten’s method is having a meaningful impact on the lives of everyone who follows it. Constantly inspired by her network of people, including purpose-driven partnerships, the Fluidform team, and her clients, Kirsten is always inspired by the people she is surrounded by. “I love being challenged and questioned and evolving small ideas into phenomenal projects when people join forces.”

Reconnecting with her international community has always been a motivating factor for Kirsten, who has recently returned to her home on the Gold Coast following a Fluidform pop-up in Soho, London. 

While we’re hoping we don’t have to wait too long for a pop-up in New Zealand, anyone who’s interested can get started by taking part in Fluidform at Home’s latest challenge ‘Feel the Heat’, a 21-day movement challenge to burn, sweat, and glow. Designed to ignite your inner fire – perfect to ignite your confidence heading into summer – each workout focuses on a different part of the body to transform your upper body, core and lower body. Plus, if you join the online challenge, you’ll also unlock access to exclusive recipes, 240+ workouts, 100+ challenges, guidance from their team of qualified senior instructors and a free equipment pack upon signup to recreate the in-studio experience at home. 

How do you relax away from work?

Spending time with my family or 40 minutes in my Sunlighten infrared sauna!

What does your morning routine look like?

Morning stretch and movement, a protein-rich smoothie full of fresh fruit and vegetables, school drop-offs, coffee, teaching, then into the office.

Where are your favourite spots to dine in your town/city?

Bastardo, Surry Hills for the best Italian you will ever have. Seans, Bondi or Berts, Newport for special occasions. Pellegrinos 2000, Surry Hills or Sugarcane, Coogee for date night. La Spaggia, Coogee for family night.

How will you be holidaying this summer?

At home, with lots of swimming, fresh seafood and homemade spritz. 

Who are your favourite New Zealand designers?

Maggie Marilyn, for timeless tailoring and dresses for a special evening.

Allbirds for every other day.

How would you describe your personal style?

Structured sport. 

Name a beauty product you can’t live without. 

Estee Lauder night repair.

Tell us about a recipe you recently tried… 

Mediterranean Chicken from Fluidform Nutrition. All the flavours of summer in Europe and it takes just 10 minutes to prepare. It’s a household favourite!  


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