The beauty hack for perfect ‘Barbie’ legs as seen at Kathryn Wilson

2 September 2017
By Fashion Quarterly


With the audience focus somewhere lower than eye level, a show where the star players are the shoes means makeup takes a full-body approach.

Designer Kathryn Wilson showed a mix of summer ‘17 and Winter ‘18 footwear collections in a retro airline theme at New Zealand Fashion Week, with models (or ‘trolley dollies’) in short, pop-bright throwback air hostess uniforms. That meant while a glamorous 60’s beauty look complete with pastel eye and black cut crease eyeliner was a stunning accompaniment, for makeup designer Kiekie Stanners of MAC Cosmetics, equal consideration was given to ensuring models legs and feet looked incredible.

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It’s a given the models naturally have impressive stems, so Stanners and her team set about evening skin tone and giving it a subtle glow.

Of course we had a sticky beak to see if there’s any hacks to copy in the pursuit of those same gorgeous golden mile long legs, (even if we’re literally 5’2″!). Turns out, a product that’s generally used on your face is ideal for creating flawless skin head to toe too.

After prepping the skin on arms and legs by massaging in hydrating MAC Mineralized Charged Water Face and Body Lotion, makeup artists applied a wash of MAC Face & Body Foundation all over legs.


“It is a leg-focused show so we want to make sure each model’s skin in that area looks perfect, even and any discolouration, bruising or slight ashiness, especially around the knees, is minimised so legs look Barbie-doll perfect!” says Kiekie.


Artists finished off with spot touch ups of concealer around ankles and heels but if you were using the same approach at home, a moisturiser followed by smoothing on Face & Body Foundation would be an ideal combo for perfecting summer legs, given the product’s liquid, buildable nature and satin finish. It’s long been used on the sets of TV and movie productions as well as fashion shows, so you know it’s reliable!

“It gives this really beautiful natural dewiness as well as natural coverage,” explains Kiekie, “It’s almost like a perfect ‘liquid stocking.’ It’s quick and easy to work between your hands so it starts to thicken up in consistency a little. The more you rub it together the more it thickens so you can build up the coverage a lot easier on legs and it blends well so you don’t need to worry about having to do the most perfect application.”


“You can can almost use it like a really soft tan, by using a slightly deeper shade and it literally just rubs in. It doesn’t have to be a perfect fake tan application.

“It’s a handy one as it’s a foundation for your face too, so if you’ve already got it around, it’s really quick and easy if you’re going out to enhance your legs without needing time to dry or set.”


While it wasn’t used in the show, the MAC senior artist also tips dusting a quick highlighting powder like MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle down the front of the skin and thigh to give an extra-luminous sheen and shape to the legs.

Excellent news with warmer weather (and on-trend mini skirts) on the way!

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