How RevitaLash Advanced can help give your lashes the curl you’ve always craved

9 December 2021

The brand’s patented Curl Effect technology is a game-changer.


It’s long been known that the award-winning RevitaLash Advanced has been a game-changer for individuals wanting to make their lashes strong and healthy. Meghan Markle has raved about it, a plethora of beauty articles proclaim its virtues, and if you look online, converts to the serum spout off about just how great it really is. So how does a product that has seen so much success continue to stand out? Well, the answer is they don’t just focus on the lushness of your lashes… but also, the curl.

The curl effect

If you’ve already tried RevitaLash Advanced you’ll know luscious lashes are a given. But naturally, the next thing you want is for them to curl and lift to give the illusion of even more impressive lashes. The problem is, curling tools (like an eyelash curler) can often harm your lashes. Not only can they cause breakages, but they can also aid the accidental removal of some of your lashes which can have them looking sparse — and undo all your good work with trying to strengthen them.

It’s just as well then that RevitaLash Cosmetics have formulated their RevitaLash Advanced to help give your lashes a sought-after curl. The revolutionary serum, which is easily applied to the lashes each day, has been designed to condition, strengthen and enhance your lashes. And it also helps to enhance your natural curl.

Image: supplied.

Patented technology

So what’s the secret? Well, it lies in the patented ‘Curl Effect’ technology. Like its name suggests, this revolutionary complex aims to give natural curl with a blend of ingredients (biotin, peptides, lipids) that nourish lashes so they can thrive. And the results speak for themselves. An independent 6-week consumer study shows that 98% of participants experienced improved lash appearance and healthier-looking, stronger lashes.

The technology comes at an opportune time when many of us are donning masks, meaning our eyes are more on display than ever. Added to that, luxurious lashes that naturally curl up make it very easy to accomplish a ‘no make-up make-up’ look which has become synonymous with summer. Ultimately, RevitaLash Advanced now can help give you real curl and real lift… with your real lashes. What more could you want?

To find out more about the RevitaLash Advanced eyelash conditioner, including where to purchase the serum, click on the below image or visit


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