Auckland artist unveils unique activewear collaboration

11 December 2015
By Fashion Quarterly

courage my love legskins

A combination of unique New Zealand artwork and functional yoga wear is the essence of Courage My Love, the Christchurch-based company creating ‘legskins’ leggings that are both eco-friendly and expertly made.

Director Persephone Singfield is committed to working with local artists to create the distinctive colourful legskins designs, the latest collaboration being urban graffiti artist Hayley King, also known as Flox.

“I’d been aware of Flox and her work for quite some time,” says Persephone. “At Fly My Pretties last February, I was stunned by her images projected for their show. Soon after I visited Spectrum, a street art exhibition in Christchurch and spent time admiring her installation there. I read her story for the first time and thought, ‘I’ve got to meet this person and see if we can collaborate on a Legskins design’.”

A couple of months later, the pair met at the Flox studio on Great North Road in Auckland to conceptualise the unique Legskins artwork. Hayley has now produced an original print for Courage My Love, which Persephone describes as “vibrant and sassy”. ‘Luscious Leopard’, as it’s called, is inspired by the orchids of Taiwan and the now-extinct Snow Leopard.

hayley king aka flox works on courage my love design
Hayley King, AKA Flox, works on her legskins design for Courage My Love.


For Hayley – a keen runner – the idea of collaborating was a no-brainer. The artist produced her own clothing label under the name Flox for around eight years and has worked with various people on different projects throughout that time. Activewear, however, is a first for her.

“When designing these, I definitely wanted them to be unique and quintessentially ‘Flox’, but also to exude attitude,” says Hayley, who is known for her use of stencil and spray paint to create her nature-inspired works.

“I love to push my art into new territories, whether it be public art on the street, kitchen splash-backs, stationery or cars. The medium seems to allow for all sorts of canvases.”

2016 is set to be a big year for Courage My Love, with new ranges launching throughout the year, including a line for men. The brand is currently working with a well-known artist in the world of indigenous tattoo, whose ink adorns bodies all over the world including a few members of the All Blacks. While that project is still very hush-hush, the collaboration with Flox launched this week and is now available to buy online at

“The level of research and manufacture that has gone into the Courage My Love Legskins range is unparalleled,” says Hayley. “And as an added bonus, the wearer gets to choose from a fabulous range of customised pieces, designed by real artists.”


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