Ask the expert: Vein & laser clinician Dr Nikki Blomfield

2 December 2015
By Fashion Quarterly

Dr Nikki Blomfield

With a background in general practice and surgery, Dr Nikki Blomfield began practising cosmetic medicine in 2009. She loves the artistic and creative aspect and prides herself on her results.

What services do you offer at the Vein and Laser Clinic?
In addition to treating varicose veins and skin pigmentation, we also offer cosmetic medicine treatments to enhance natural looks and soften the signs of ageing. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles can be reduced using Dysport, which is our preferred brand of botulinum toxin type A. We also provide treatments with dermal fillers to contour and soften deeper lines and volumise the face and lips.

At what age should women consider fillers and botulinum toxin?
There is no ‘right age’. It all depends on the look you are trying to achieve and whether or not you are troubled by lines or wrinkles. Lip augmentation can be considered at any age. Women in their late 20s and early 30s could consider using a small amount of toxin to relax frown lines as a preventative measure against the formation of some wrinkles.

What can botulinum toxins be used for other than relaxing frown lines?
It has many more uses on the face and neck, such as treating crow’s feet around the eyes, shaping the face, reducing smoker’s lines around the mouth and lifting or shaping the eyebrows. Excessive underarm sweating can be treated with botulinum toxin, with the effect lasting nine months or more. Many people who receive botulinum toxin treatments to the frown and forehead may also obtain relief from migraines and it can even be used to prevent jaw pain from grinding the teeth.

What is the best use of botulinum toxin when it comes to anti-ageing?
It is very effective when used around the eyes. Regular treatments to relax the facial muscles responsible for causing frown lines and crow’s feet can prevent the formation of new lines while also improving the appearance of existing lines. However, preventative care with a good skincare regime, healthy nutrition and a zinc-based sunscreen is also an essential part of an anti-ageing routine.

What are the current trends?
Achieving a natural look is key. Our aim is to leave our clients looking a little younger with a fresher, more radiant appearance. The days of frozen, shiny foreheads and over-plumped lips are long gone.

What is one of the most effective anti-ageing treatments using fillers?
The most ageing effect on the face is loss of volume in the mid-facial area, resulting in sagging skin, creating hollow areas in the cheeks and folds in the lower face. Replenishing the volume loss in the mid-face immediately gives a more youthful appearance.

From the editors of Simply You Body & Beauty.

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