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1 March 2018
By Fashion Quarterly

Check out what’s going on for your star sign in March, from Miss FQ’s spiritual guru One Grounded Angel.

(March 21-April 19)
Emoji: Tantrum face


Deep breaths, Aries. March could have you chucking Tasmanian Devil-style tantrums, and the Universe is asking you (just like it did at the start of 2018) to calm your farm. As the youngest astro sign, you’ve got a tendency for throwing out your toys when things aren’t happening soon enough, good enough, etc etc etc. Finding healthy ways (read: without all the drama) to deal with stress and minimise your worry levels would be super helpful. Notice when your spiralling thoughts are taking you down the Road of Bigtime Regrets, which never ends well (tip: meditation is one way to master the art of observing your thoughts, instead of being their prisoner). Relax – nothing is under control. And that’s totally okay. With Saturn, the sign of discipline (*yawn*), in your 10th house, which is all about career and responsibility (*double yawn*), the Universe is dishing out some tough lessons on patience and adulting… but maybe you kinda need that RN (soz).

Single, and feeling kinda Bridget Jones about it? On March 1, Venus, planet of love, and Jupiter, the lucky planet, and then a full moon in your seventh house, the zone of partnerships, on March 31, will help you believe in love again. Don’t lose hope, okay?

(April 20-May 20)
Emoji: Sweary face


Go your own way this month, Taurus. Social tensions could strike, leaving some of you feeling like you don’t really fit in – which meant social death back in high school, but is actually fine as an adult. If you’re no longer in alignment with the people around you, find a new tribe. Conformity doesn’t suit you anyway, so take a cue from Phoebe Buffay and be unequivocally yo’self.

This month could be a little stormi (that’s how we spell it now, right?) on the romance front, as well, with some Taureans finding Cupid hasn’t got your back after all. Expect some major reality checks. Around March 13, Venus, the planet of love (also your ruling planet), is doing fisticuffs with Saturn, the sensible planet, meaning if you’ve rushed into a romance out of boredom or loneliness, the Universe could deliver a rude awakening. Then on March 23, Venus starts a fight with Pluto, the planet of things that are hidden, so if you’ve cast a love interest as a Chris Hemsworth, you could find out the hard way they’re actually a Ben Affleck in disguise. Luckily, Venus turns things around at the end of the month, entering your sign and making you a magnet for legit romance.

(May 21-June 21)
Emoji: Pad and pencil


If there’s a theme for you in 2018, it’s this: getting shit sorted. With Jupiter, the planet of expansion, in your sixth house of organisation, the Universe is throwing down a challenge: streamline your life, or potentially end the year in a total freakin’ shambles. This month you’re being urged to clear out clutter, organise daily life (e.g. meal plans and exercise routines) and deal with what’s stressing you out. Sure, it sounds kinda boring, but if Legally Blonde taught us anything, it’s that you can still look cute while being a total boss.

March 1 could be a day of tension with the full moon in your fourth house, the zone of feelings and families. Underlying issues with the parentals could resurface like a recurring cold sore (ugh). Try to cut your folks a little slack… instead of blowing your stack.

Wanting to change things up at work? The March 17 full moon in your 10th house, the zone of career, is highlighting professional growth. Update your CV and LinkedIn profile, network like a mofo and start asking for what you want instead of waiting for it to appear before you like an ASOS parcel you’d totally forgotten about.

(June 22-July 22)
Emoji: Prayer hands


Forecast for March: cloudy with a chance of control freak. From March 17 until May, Mars, the planet of action, is in your eighth house of long-term relationships, meaning you could find yourself pressuring bae for signs of commitment (spoiler alert: this will probably freak them out). Drop the Leslie Knope act and try to be okay with not knowing all the things all the time. Just like last month, the Universe is urging you to be patient. Chilllll, Cancer.

Around March 13, Venus the planet of love, rubs up against Saturn, the planet of responsibility, which means if you’ve let yourself get swept up in a love affair that looks totally dreamy on Insta but you know deep down isn’t really all that, reality could come knocking, and it’ll be about as welcome as a religious conversion committee on your doorstep. Wear teeny tiny sunglasses, not rose-tinted glasses.

How’s your confidence? This is not a time to be shy. If you’ve got a career plan or side hustle to launch, get cracking on March 4, when the Sun aligns with Neptune, the planet of dreams – which is your cue to turn those dreams into reality. Bye old school, hello BOLD school!

(July 23-August 22)
Emoji: Wind


Ch-ch-changes. Some Leos may be hammered with issues from the past rearing their ugly heads (exes, old adversaries and related dramas). Others may be feeling a little frustrated as the winds of change blow through your life – especially in relationships and your home sitch – potentially leaving things as up in the air as The Good Place’s plot. Try to be okay with not knowing how things are going to play out, and don’t let your sign’s tendency for theatrics make you totally overdramatise things like a Real Housewife. There is a script in play – but the Universe isn’t showing it to you just yet. The only thing you can control is that what you focus on, you attract more of – so keep your attention on positive outcomes.

March also puts the spotlight on your body (nope, not talking about your poppin’ tan). With Saturn, the planet of discipline, in your sixth house of health, this is the time to make #healthspo your mantra, by breaking up with bad eating habits and joining a gym. You might even go vego or get into juicing. Whatever you do, no doubt you’ll make sure e’ryone knows about it, in typical Leo ‘look at moi!’ style (lol).

(August 23-September 22)
Emoji: Four-leaf clover



Are you feeling lucky, Virgo? This month is cranking! First, there’s a hook-up between Venus, planet of love, and Jupiter, the lucky planet, on March 1 making your own hook-up chances higher than Keira Knightley’s cheekbones. BTW March 1 is also a full moon in Virgo, the planet of beauty, which could result in unexpected good news (think: promotions, competition wins, internet fame…), an effect that could last up until March 17. Then from March 2, Mercury, the planet of communication, ideas, and intellect, is kissing up to Jupiter, the lucky planet, leaving your powers of genius peaking… and delivering you the gift of the gab to get everyone on board. And from March 6 onwards you’ve got Venus in your eighth house, the zone of sex, meaning you’ll have more sex appeal than an All Blacks underwear shoot.

So in summary: you’ve got love, brilliant ideas, opportunities and sex on tap. Strap yourselves in, Virgo – it’s going to be a big month. Of course, there is the *small* matter of Mercury going retrograde on March 22, which could stir up trouble (tip: expect tech meltdowns and next-level traffic dramas) but don’t let that spoil your party…

(September 23-October 23)
Emoji: Money bag


Ka-ching! March could take you from go to dough, Libra. Not only is the full moon in your sign on March 31, rounding off a stellar month and giving you a chance to do a total life reset, you’ve also got Jupiter, the lucky planet, in your second house of money. That doesn’t mean you’re going to win Lotto, necessarily (but hey – don’t rule it out), however, 2018 will be all about the pingas. So take charge of your spending, set savings goals and take on long-term investments like a boss. Oh, and if you’ve got a burning business ambition, quit talking about it and start knocking Kylie Jenner off her entrepreneurial perch. Get it, girl!

The second house is also about value in a larger sense, and your health is your greatest asset, no? If you want to get in shape, the planets are on your side. Bypass diets in favour of clean eating and upping your veggie intake. You don’t have to break up with pinot if you don’t want to, but making your health a priority will pay dividends in the long run. If nothing else, you’ll have more energy to do what Librans do best: socialise! (Without breaking the bank, obvs.)

(October 24-November 21)
Emoji: Brain


Here’s the thing about Scorpios: you spend waaaay too much time living in your head, mulling over e’rything, but RN the Universe wants to get you out of thinking mode and into action mode. With Jupiter, the planet of expansion, in your sign for most of this year, there’s never been a better time to launch a new business, take risks in love or set off on adventures (FYI Jupiter also rules travel *hint hint*). This is not the time to let lack of confidence or sabotaging thoughts hold you back. If you’re freaking out, focus on the end result and how that will benefit you and/or others, then just have a crack.

This month, Venus, the planet of beauty, rubs up against Saturn, the planet of discipline, spotlighting the areas in which you’re off balance like a rookie runway model in ridiculously high heels. This will mostly show up in the relationship game (both romantic and platonic), as the planets remind you to set boundaries and not let anyone take the piss or treat you badly. Sometimes when we think we’re helping someone, we’re actually just enabling their bad behaviour, so take a stand against such shenanigans – around March 13, especially.

(November 22-December 21)
Emoji: Prayer hands


Between the gym, drinks, work, drinks, family, drinks and back again, Sagittarians live life to the max. This month, unforch, the Universe is urging you to hit the brakes (major buzzkill). Less time doing, and more time being, is the game plan for March. With Jupiter, the planet of expansion, sitting pretty in your 12th house of healing and daydreaming, many Sags will favour ‘me time’ over the high-volume, high-drama shenanigans you normally lurve. You could take a leaf from mystical Paris Jackson’s book and indulge your inner hippie, perhaps heading to Wanderlust in Taupo, or channel Lorde in album-making mode and shut yourself away from the world for a while (New York loft optional). Your biggest foe this month may be fear about what others think of your life choices (spoiler alert: most peeps are too busy focusing on their own crap to be overly invested in yours anyway).

Expect Skytower NYE-level fireworks in your love life. Around March 11, Mars, the action planet, has beef with Uranus, the planet of surprises, in your seventh house of relationships (ruh-roh). There could be explosions if you act spontaneously. On the other hand, it could cause some awesome sexcapades. Either way, it’ll be memorable.

(December 22-January 19)
Emoji: Pondering face


You’ve got the power! With Saturn, the planet of discipline, in your sign, the Universe wants you to start designing a brand new life. What do you want your Insta bio to say about you in two years’ time? (BTW the Universe is playing a long game here – this isn’t an instant-results deal.) Dream big, then roll up your blazer sleeves and get to work (hey, if there’s one thing Caps know how to do, it’s work hard). Your fellow Cap Liam Hemsworth endured the brutal audition/constant rejection circuit for years before getting his big break. #inspo

In not-so-good news, you could have a rough day on March 13 when Venus, the planet of love, slams up against Saturn, the planet of conformity, making you feel either totes emosh or really down in the dumps about your love life. Ugh. Hiding under your duvet with a packet of Toffee Pops is the best way to tackle an astro mare like this, but since your boss probably won’t be down with that as an excuse for absenteeism, do your best to get through the day without overreacting or taking anything to heart (especially anything bae says or does). Kia kaha!

(January 20-February 18)
Emoji: Bunny ear girls


Last month was rough for Aquarians, with two mega-powerful eclipses shaking up your relationships, goals and pretty much e’rything. It might have felt like your squad was tossed about in a cocktail shaker (but without the yummy result). If you’re entering March feeling a little lonely or like you don’t quite gel with your people, you’ll get tonnes of opportunities to find new tribes – if you’re open to that. And – sorry to sound like your Year 13 peer support leader here, but this is uber important – don’t try to fit others’ expectations. You do *you*, Aquarius. This month, you’ll also need to be as bold and as brave as a talentless X Factor contestant, especially around March 13 when Venus, the planet of love, causes dramas with Saturn, the planet of stability. That will push you to speak your truth in relationships, no matter how scary it might seem. Remember the golden rule: mean what you say, say what you mean, but don’t say it mean.

Speaking of brave, some Aquarians may be struggling with loss or grief, with Saturn, the planet of adulting, in your twelfth house of closure. Face up to what you feel so you can deal and heal.

(February 19-March 20)
Emoji: Unicorn


Namaste, or nama-slay? This month some Pisceans will take great leaps forward, while others will retreat inwards and confront their inner demons. If you’ve got #goals and you’re mega thirsty, try capitalising on this energy by working with the Universe to go further. Jupiter, the planet of expansion (the lucky sign) is in your ninth house, the zone of learning, entrepreneurship, and spirituality, until November – and that energy’s peaking this month. Maybe read up on how the law of attraction can help you smash your goals, create a vision board to keep yourself focused or download every start-a-business podcast your Shellac-ed fingers can tap on. If personal growth is more your scene (or even if it’s not, but circumstances are forcing you to Figure Stuff Out), getting on board the meditation train or getting stuck into that self-help book (the one your mate keeps banging on about) may help you find peace amid the drama.

BTW March 4 might just be your best day ever. The sun (which is all about where you shine) and Neptune (the planet of inspo) are getting it on, making you extra creative and inspired. Work that magic, and reign like the magical unicorn you know you are!

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Horoscope illustrations: Bonnie Brown | @studio.bon


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