Your horoscope for the month of February is here

1 February 2018
By Fashion Quarterly

Check out what’s going on for your star sign in February, from Miss FQ’s spiritual guru One Grounded Angel.

(March 21-April 19)
Emoji: Lightbulb


If you Google the word ‘genius’ this month, Aries, you’re likely to see a picture of your own face. ‘Ideas Woman’ is your middle name as the brainwaves flow thick and fast. And if you play your cards right, this could work out veeeeery nicely for you (promotion? yes please!). This superpower peaks on February 25, when Mercury, the intellectual planet, hooks up with Neptune, the planet of dreams and fantasy. Sound like a cosmic mismatch? Totally – but here’s the net result: next-level creativity that’ll give birth to next-level ideas. This is not a time for ignoring signs, dreams or your gut instinct (your new BFF). Trust the ideas that are being given to you (gift wrap not included) from the Universe.

On a different note, your wellbeing could take a hit this month – unless you manage it better. So if you’re working too hard and not having enough fun, or having too much fun and not doing enough work, this is going to catch up with you in a major way, so sort that out, stat! Don’t be tempted to sacrifice sleep or down-time to squeeze more hours into your day – you need rest to fully prep for a truly fiyah year ahead.

(April 20-May 20)
Emoji: Couple


It takes two, baby. If you’re looking for the peas to your carrots, the wine to your cheese, the Luke to your Loralei, the planets are on your side. With Jupiter, the planet of expansion (so basically a lucky Lotto ticket), in your seventh house of partnerships for most of this year, Taurus is all about duos. And this month, that energy is particularly strong – great news if you’re looking for a lover, ride or die, work wife/husband or a co-pilot in business. Relationships could take the next step (maybe marriage or a home reno project), and singles could be pulled towards someone ‘against type’, since this alignment occurs in Scorpio, your direct opposite sign.

Speaking of love, the Universe wants you to lighten TF up – romance isn’t supposed to be super intense! Has your quest to meet someone taken over your life? Or have you been spending so much time with bae you’ve neglected your squad? From February 10 onwards, Venus, the planet of love, is in your 11th house, the zone of socialising. Maybe try going out more without your partner; singles, maybe try enjoying chatting to your favourite humans at parties *without* watching the door for new talent.

(May 21-June 21)
Emoji: Vibrating heart


New year, who dis? You started 2018 at full throttle, and while it’s awesome to be busy, the Universe is nudging you to drop it down a gear or two. Taking on too much this month will kill your vibe, so make smart decisions about where you spend your energy. Make fun your focus and don’t be afraid to cut ties with anything that’s not working out for you.

It’s the month of lurve (Feb 14 FTW!) and Venus is on your team. From February 10 until early March the planet of romance is in the 10th house, the zone of long-term commitment. Yep, that means your odds of attracting a long-term partner are stronger than Ariana Grande’s hair ties. Because this alignment happens in Pisces, a sign which is drawn to inequality, this energy might lead Geminis to fall for someone older – perhaps a boss or mentor – or even significantly younger and less experienced in the game of love. And since Pisces is also the sign of dreams, Geminis could crush hard on someone massively out of their league. Already coupled up? You and bae may feel drawn to make *plans* for the future (maybe plan that Insty engagement announcement).

(June 22-July 22)
Emoji: Car


You long to zoom down the motorway but instead you keep finding yourself stuck in traffic jams of long-weekend proportions. Patience, Grasshopper – you *are* getting to where you want to go, but probs not at the speed you’d like. Slow and steady may be dull but it will win the race – or at least, help you avoid major f**k-ups. In the workplace, be careful not to rush into anything like an unleashed puppy hooning towards a ball. Around February 13, Mercury, the planet of ideas, clashes with Jupiter, the sign of spontaneity, meaning you could get carried away with schemes and plans. Hold back and wait till you have all the deets. Future You will thank Current You for it. Same deal in romance (especially around February 10): if you’re trying to force a relationship to happen, or go next level, and the other person just isn’t there (yet), that may blow up in your face like a shaken up Coke bottle.

This might sound depressing, but the Universe urges you to stay positive. What you focus on, you attract more of – so concentrate on what’s good. Look at the doughnut, not the hole, so to speak. Remember: there’s much more right than wrong in your life.

(July 23-August 22)
Emoji: Selfie


Leo, it’s all about you (isn’t it always? LOL). With Jupiter, the planet of expansion, in your fourth house, the zone of your personal life, you need to put yourself first. Resist the temptation to say ‘yes’ to every social event – a little ‘sofalising’ may not result in hilarious #aboutlastnight pics but it will help you recharge your batteries. Maybe schedule a Me Day – think: a hike in the bush, a weekend-long bingefest with Nashville, spa appointments or a solo trip to the beach (we recommend tucking Fashion Quarterly into your tote, natch). Managing your energy wisely will be essential this month. If you try to burn the candle at both ends, you’ll regret it almost as much as you regret that dubious, beer-goggle-fuelled NYE pash (soz for bringing that up again).

Relationships are a major focus this month, especially around the February 15 full moon in your house of partnerships. Singles could fall *hard* for Mr/Ms Forever and some couples could find they’re no longer on the same page. This may be difficult, but remember: the things meant for you will never pass you by, and the things that aren’t will never be held on to.

(August 23-September 22)
Emoji: Scissors


You know that moment when realise your favourite mascara is clumpy and it’s time to say goodbye? (*sob*) Get used to that feeling, Virgo. February is all about letting go – but it’ll all be for the greater good. The planets want you to release that which is draining your energy faster than Spotify zaps your phone battery – anything from clutter in your room to people who constantly complain (*yawn*). It could also be about letting go of what you’re faking – anything from ‘this relationship is 100 per cent fine and I’m ignoring all our issues’ to your ‘I’m totally coping with this stupidly excessive workload’ – especially if that’s an old-school coping strategy for you. Sounds heavy, yes, but remember that nothing changes until we do. Clinging to the same old patterns never works out well (unless you’re Don Draper). In particular, you’ll likely be pushed to address not-so-healthy patterns related to health, such as: being a Stressy Bessy, working too hard, binge eating, etc…

It’s not all hard stuff, though. On February 21 Venus, the planet of love, tangos with Neptune, the sentimental planet, in your relationship zone. Expect romantic gestures and maybe encounters with that someone you’ve been waiting for all your life (oooh!).

(September 23-October 23)
Emoji: Bed


The party don’t start till you walk in the room, Libra. But this month the planets are gently steering you away from walking into quite so many of those rooms (LOL). Your life routines are now in focus – thanks to Jupiter, the ‘spotlight’ planet being in your second house, the zone of daily habits – so although it goes against your hedonistic spirit, getting to bed early, drinking a ton of water and giving processed foods the ‘bitch please’ face will all help you be your best self. Any other toxic habits you need to use the Harry Potter killing curse on? Spending time with so-called friends who put you down or who mysteriously vanish when it’s their round, maybe. Trust your intuition on what needs detoxing, and ask the Universe for a sign if you’re not 100 per cent sure.

February 15 is like NYE again, but without the stress – it’s Chinese New Year, and this Year of the Dog is aligned with Libra (yuss!). As this also coincides with a new moon in your fifth house (all about passion, creativity and fertility), it’s a great time to focus on what you want to create this year – especially in love or any personal projects.

(October 24-November 21)
Emoji: Crying


Emotions taking you over? Crank up the Sam Smith playlist because it could be a turbulent month for Scorpios, especially mid-month when the new moon – which is also a solar eclipse, so it’ll be extra powerful – hits your fourth house, the zone of family, females and feelings (in other words: all the F words are here to F you up). This could play out with drama between you and your BFF, tension over family plans (maybe baby?) or awkwardness on the home front, e.g. flattie issues (So. Much. Fun). The Universe wants you to know, though, that everything is going to be OK in the end, so try not to lose your s**t completely. There’s a reason this is happening… at the risk of sounding cheesy, working through challenges is often necessary for your growth (#wisdom).

Watch those feels around February 13 in particular, when emotions could mess up your #werklife. Mercury, the planet of logic and intellect, is doing battle with Jupiter, the planet of optimism, so don’t let your heart overrule your head or you could make a mistake of Hawaiian-fake-missile-alert proportions. The devil is in the details, as your nana would say, so pay attention.

(November 22-December 21)
Emoji: Door


Many Sagittarians are struggling to get momentum RN, with jobs and relationships coming to a close, leases being terminated and Marmite going off sale again (just kidding). It’s all Jupiter’s fault – your ruling planet Jupes is in your 12th house, the zone of endings and beginnings, a tricky transit that will continue till November. That’s tough for an energizer-bunny Sag to deal with, but as maybe-hopefully future president Oprah is fond of declaring: sometimes things need to break down before you can break through. In other words: doors close so new doors can open. To make the most of this planetary sitch, look to clear away anything from the past that keeps tripping you up (nope, not talking about all the crap on your bedroom floor). This could include: resentment towards an ex, regrets over stuff you did or didn’t do, or even a familiar coping strategy that isn’t serving you any longer. Make peace, then be at peace.

The good news: this is an uber strong time for creativity, so if you’ve got a book you want to write, a scarf you want to knit or even a Snap streak you want to go next-level with, let your inner creative genius shine.

(December 22-January 19)
Emoji: Party popper


What’s good, Cap? This month, the answer to that question is: e’rything. The planets are giving you a sweet ride, making fun and friends your focus. Diligent Capricorns are usually more focused on work than play, but RN you’ve never been more in demand socially – so go with it! Jupiter, the planet that enlarges whatever it touches, is in your 11th house, the zone of friendship, so you’re all about the tribe. You could gravitate towards a new squad that challenges your thinking (in a good way) or you could find Facebook invites flowing faster than passes from Beauden Barrett. This will last most of 2018, TBH, so get used to being Ms Popularity. A word of warning: be careful about crossing friendship lines around February 4, when Jupiter clashes with Venus, the planet of love. A friend may look like a maybe-lover now, but chances are, this would end badly.

The force within you is strong, Cap, so if you have an opportunity to step up as a leader, mentor or expert this month, take it. Let Jacinda be your #inspo, and back yourself – you really *have* got what it takes, so go forth and slay!

(January 20-February 18)
Emoji: Panic face


Sure, you’re the chill AF boho chick but you’re also… kinda *not*. A dirty little secret about Aquarians: deep underneath their go-with-the-flow vibe, they can be control freaks who go into panic mode when things are Not Going To Plan. This month, that side of you may come to the fore (read: total freak-outs) and the Universe is asking you to calm your farm. Learning to be fine when things aren’t happening as fast as you’d like, or even anything *like* you’d like, will be your big challenge in February (hey, don’t shoot the messenger, OK?!). In other words, patience. Remember that just because things aren’t happening for you right now, doesn’t mean they never will. Deep breaths, Aquarius.

Around February 15 it’s all about you. The new moon in Aquarius – also a solar eclipse, so uber powerful – hits your first house, the zone of self-identity. You might feel inspired to reinvent yourself with a whole new ‘tude, Taylor style, or maybe you’ll go more Miley by ditching bad behaviours. This is a good time to forgive yourself for past mistakes and regrets. Let go of the old, clear the slate for the new. Hello, Aquarius 2.0!

(February 19-March 20)
Emoji: Plane


Got itchy feet? Many Pisceans are in the mood for adventure, thanks to Jupiter, the planet of travel, in your ninth house, the zone of all things international. If you dream of gazing upon ancient ruins in Jordan (the country, not the glamour model) or trekking up volcanoes in Guatemala (hot tip: the ‘Dr Ropata line’ gets really old after a while), go for it. This excellent planetary alignment could also see you take on a job that involves international travel, go back to study (since Jupiter is all about expansion), create a totally unique business of your own or start hanging with a tribe of super-smart peeps. Whatever your soul desires, get started this month – this could be *your* year. Dream big, Pisces. (And if it scares you a bit, even better.)

Leading up to the new moon on February 15, which super-sizes itself by joining forces with a solar eclipse, your wellbeing comes into focus. Any habits that are sucking the energy out of you like a thirsty vampire will need to be dealt with. This could be anything from toxic friends to emotional eating to an old resentment that you need to make peace with. Time to take charge, Pisces.

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Horoscope illustrations: Bonnie Brown | @studio.bon


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