Find out why we actually want to be stuck in transit at Singapore’s Changi airport

5 April 2018
By Fashion Quarterly


Life at the terminal.

Travel can be exciting and inspiring but sometimes the getting to and from destinations is hard slog, especially when you factor in the airport situation. You’re not only dealing with potential delays or killing time in transit, there are also those all-important security checks and luggage collection points you have to contend with, all while ensuring you get to your flight on time without some major disaster or your name being called for final boarding on the intercom. Phew.

Unless you’re one of the select few who has your own private jet or can afford to fly first class all-day-every-day, we’ve all experienced some harrowing airport situation at one point or another. Tired, old, sad-looking terminals with dim lighting and over-priced, average food and shopping experiences. And despite the fact that you’re only there essentially for a short time, it always feels like forever. Is it really too much to ask for a pleasant experience?


Enter Singapore’s Changi Airport. And believe us when we say you’ll want to try and plan all your layovers here. Named as the World’s Top Airport for the sixth year in a row by airline review consultancy Skytrax, the terminal handled roughly 62.2 million passengers last year alone – and still managed to provide a world-class experience.

Features of this airport include a rooftop pool with a jacuzzi, and multiple themed gardens including a butterfly, cactus and sunflower garden. And if being one with nature isn’t quite your cup of tea, there’s also the movie theatre, Xbox 360 station, kinetic raindrop art instalment and free two and a half hour transit bus tour of Singapore to choose from.


The food options are endless and consist of high-end gourmet restaurants, six dining halls that include Singaporean street food and a Hello Kitty cafe. And if you want to shop until you drop, luxury and high street stores are on offer from brands like Saint Laurent, Hermes, Burberry and Gucci.

If that’s not enough, according to their website, Singapore’s Changi airport is working on a fifth terminal called Jewel Changi Airport to increase their capacity for travellers. This terminal is set to open next year and will feature the world’s largest indoor waterfall as well a Canopy Park on the top floor.


So essentially yes, we’d be happy to face delays at this airport at any time.

In Skytrax rankings, South Korea’s Incheon Airport, Tokyo’s Haneda Airport and Hong Kong International Airport all consecutively ranked behind Changi Airport. New Zealand’s Auckland Airport ranked at number 24 and Christchurch at number 52.

Words: Ella Francis.
Photos: Instagram.

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