Why Tronque founder Tanné Snowden is passionate about ‘below the neck’ beauty

4 August 2022
Fashion Quarterly

The skincare founder shares her natural approach to skincare and why her Scar Concentrate has been called ‘liquid gold’.

Tronque founder Tanné Snowden. Image supplied.

While recovering from my second surgery for endometriosis in 2019 I discovered endocrine disruptors and their impact on human health. Endocrine disruptors were not mentioned until the third page of my Google search, buried deep in a scholarly article on the ‘top 10 toxic endocrine disrupting ingredients’ found in personal and beauty care. The fact that these types of ingredients were in our everyday beauty products, left me with a sense of indignation.  

I was astounded and went to my bathroom cabinet to see if there were any products I should remove from my routine. I was surprised to find that, aside from three products, everything I owned contained endocrine disrupting compounds. This moment was a pivotal turning point in my life, and completely changed both my beauty routine and how I cared for my health. This was when Tronque was born; I began experimenting and creating a clean effective alternative to reduce scars.

The Tronque Scar Concentrate was the first product formulated. After surgery, I was left with five scars on my pelvis. I tried everything on the market targeted at removing scars and nothing worked. After experimenting I found a ‘holy grail’ formula that ended up erasing my scars completely. Customers tell me it is ‘liquid gold’ that they can’t live without. 

Tronque is a curation of timeless, high-quality products that elevate our quality of living. The skin is your body’s largest organ. As your skin has such a large surface area, the potential for absorbing endocrine disruptors is high, and cumulative exposure of questionable ingredients or cheap fillers — typically applied once or twice a day — is potentially harmful to this precious organ. 

Compared to the face, the body is usually neglected in most people’s skincare routine. However, many problems and concerns often occur below the neck. It’s just easier to hide these concerns physically under clothing. At Tronque we aim to provide solutions. ‘Against neck-down neglect’ is our mission statement and symbolises our motivation to offer the same obsession normally reserved for the face.

The most common concerns we hear about are stretch marks, dry skin, scarring and ‘crepey skin’ through loss of collagen. Tronque aims to address these with high levels of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, bakuchiol — nature’s retinol, biodynamic superfruits, repairing oils, high potency polyphenols, omegas, essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

Each product is multi-functional. My go-to is the Soft Focus Scar Concentrate. I use this as my Vitamin C serum during the day and a botanical oil to lock in everything at night on the face. On the body, I use it on any rough spots, alternating with the Exfoliating Serum or mixed with Rich as Croesus Firming Butter, for extra hydration during winter.

We believe in nature and science working together. Our non-negotiables are to have endocrine disruptor-free, science backed, results driven formulas. At Tronque we are focused on continuously innovating in the clean beauty space using green-tech actives and ingredients sourced from their purest form. It is possible to find a happy medium that still provides safety and health, yet performs without questionable ingredients, fillers or processes. 

In the past I was probably over the top with my skincare regime. These days my routine is focused on less products, of higher quality.

Discover the Tronque skincare range at Tronque.com


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