What Venus in retrograde means for your love life

3 October 2018
By Fashion Quarterly

What does it mean when Venus is in retrograde?

The Venus retrograde stars on October 5 – this means speed bumps ahead in your love life, eek! Find out everything you need to know about it here, thanks to Miss FQ’s resident spiritual writer, One Grounded Angel.

The planet Venus goes retrograde every 18 months for about six weeks each phase, and despite the name, it isn’t ACTUALLY going backwards. It’s orbiting more slowly around the sun than Earth is so it totally looks like it’s going backwards – kinda like traffic on the Southern Motorway sometimes.

A Venus retrograde means you could have dramas in love – for example, small issues and misunderstandings with your lover could get blown way out of proportion, singles will find the dating pool suddenly dries up and shaky relationships could crumble like a wedding cake on Nailed It.

You’ll feel this retrograde especially strongly if you’re a Taurus or Libra, since Venus is your ruling planet. And if you’re a Scorpio this retro will be all up in your grill too, since part of the planetary alignment hits your sign.


Since Venus is also about art and beauty, this is definitely not a good time for a makeover of your appearance, home or wardrobe (read: no new tattoos, radical haircuts or edgy interior renos).

The first half of this Venus retrograde, from October 5 to 30, hits Scorpio, the sign of sex, long-term partnerships and mystery. The result: instability in long-term relationships, hidden secrets becoming more prominent than Harry Potter’s scar, and may even a lot of bad sex, too. From Halloween until November 16, the retro is in the sign of Libra, which is all about balance and harmony. That means conflicts and confronting situations could leave you shook.

Every planet goes retrograde on the regular (notably Mercury, which screws up your commute and gadgets three to four times a year), so it’s totally not worth freaking out about. Still, forewarned is forearmed, so if your love life does go haywire, you’ll know not to overreact. Remember: everything will become clearer come November 17.

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