What can I expect from a Botox consultation?

9 December 2015
By Fashion Quarterly

What to expect from a consultation at Caci
Gone are the days of Botox and other appearance medicine treatments being something only for the rich and famous.

Botox is in fact one of the most popular non-surgical rejuvenation treatments in New Zealand and Caci is one of the largest providers of botox in the Southern Hemisphere, having treated over 10,000 clients in the past three years.

It can be slightly nerve-racking trying out a treatment for the first time. So FQ went along to Caci and documented each step of the way. Rest reassured, you will be in good hands…

Prior to the treatment, what was your area of concern and why did it bother you?
The main area that bothered me is the frown lines on my forehead. I have very strong muscles in my forehead and the ’11’ lines between my eyebrows are quite deep for my age. I always think they make me look grumpy even when I am happy as a clam which is not the first impression I want to be giving people!

What did you know about Botox beforehand?
I’ve read a lot about Botox and spoken to many people who have had this treatment so I knew a lot. I know about the science, how it works and that it a safe procedure. But it is always reassuring to sit down with a Caci Registered Nurse prior to the treatment and talk through the procedure in detail so I felt comfortable and knew exactly what to expect.

What was the consultation like? 
My Caci Registered Nurse was extremely thorough. We talked through my medical history, to determine whether I was a suitable candidate to receive cosmetic Botox. I highlighted my areas of concern and she estimated how much Botox would be needed to address these areas. She explained that at Caci they like the results to be very natural rather than the ‘frozen’ look you see on many celebrities and that was very reassuring – to know that friends might think I look fresher and less grumpy, but not be able to pinpoint why. The Caci nurse also explained what I might expect during the procedure (a slight pin prick sensation and a bit of pressure) and what I would need to in terms of after-care (ie. avoiding strenuous exercise and large amounts of alcohol). She also took ‘before’ photos so I could compare and track my results.

How long did the treatment take?
The treatment itself is very swift. The Caci Registered Nurse had already planned out on the paper face chart the areas she would treat so it was all done in around 10 minutes.

Was it painful? What does it feel like?
The treatment is not painful at all and the Caci nurse was very careful and cautious, talking me through the entire procedure. It was just the slightest little prick with each needle and that is it. I know some people find it slightly uncomfortable but it is definitely bearable and over very quickly. Caci advises not to take painkillers such as aspirin or Ibuprofen in the days leading up to your treatment in order to minimize any potential post-Botox bruising.

What was the setting like for your treatment? 
Caci is very welcoming – the clinics are comfortable and anything but clinical. It feels a bit like you are going to the spa or to your beautician for a facial or spa treatment. The treatment room itself is very clean with simple Scandinavian design and furniture.

Can you do it on your lunch break and return back to work?
I popped out to my appointment on my lunch break and went straight back to the office afterwards without even reapplying make-up. My colleagues were none the wiser.

Did you have any side effects after the treatment such as bruising or swelling?
I had no side effects at all. However, sometimes some redness and/or small bruises do appear a few hours after the treatment – these usually disappear quite quickly and can be easily concealed with makeup.

What have the results been like? Have you seen a noticeable change?
I’ve seen such a huge improvement to my forehead. I look happier and I’ve received great comments from friends and family who have all said I look healthy and relaxed – the perfect result!

How long does the effects of a treatment typically last for you? 
I find that the results last very well for me and will likely go three times a year to maintain this result.

To find out more about to expect from a consultation from Caci, watch the video below:

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* This article was brought to you by Caci. To find out more information about Botox and to book a free consultation to determine whether Botox is right for you, visit caci.co.nz.

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