Miss FQ reviews the new WASO by Shiseido skincare range

11 August 2017
By Fashion Quarterly

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What’s the sitch?

Get excited, gals. WASO by Shiseido is a skincare range for us millennials. [wa] meaning gentleness, harmony and [so] meaning inspiration. With the mantra that all beautiful things come from nature, Shiseido is redefining beauty with WASO by crafting skincare with respect for nature and by empowering us to feel beautiful in our own skin, because we all have beauty within ourselves.

Looks matter. What first impression does this make?

So much yes to the packaging, both aesthetically and logistically. The bottles are simple in design and distinctly beautiful in colour (I love the not-so basic pastel colours); they’re guaranteed to look luxe on your top shelfie. The lids are inventive and offer unique practicality – you can loop your finger through the lid hole while holding the bottle or pottle in your palm, leaving the other hand free for application. Genius!

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If this skincare range was a person, who would it be?

A 20-year-old+ woman who appreciates simple, efficacious beauty, enjoys long walks on the beach yet is conscious of protecting her skin from the sun and pollution, and seeks balance in her life.

Which skincare concerns does this range target?


Feeling dry? Looking oily by 12pm? Constantly wanting to Facetune your pores? This range is designed to treat the needs of millennial skin.

WASO_Daytime Moizturizer (oil free) texture

Most importantly, how does everything work?

WASO is simple: there’s seven products in the lineup and you only need to use what you need, when you need it.

  1. Quick Gentle Cleanser has a honey-like gel texture that foams without water to remove makeup and cleanse.
    Feature & benefit: honey for purification
  2. Softy+Cushy Polisher is a gentle, creamy polish with soy that leaves skin fresh and smooth.
    Feature & benefit: soybeans curd for smoothness
  3. Fresh Jelly Lotion offers epic hydration in a gel-to-lotion formula that plumps skin and helps it hold onto water.
    Feature & benefit: white jelly mushrooms for hydration
  4. Clear Mega-hydrating Cream looks like a gel and instantly plumps and nourishes. It can be reapplied overmakeup and has a fantastic primer-like texture.
    Feature & benefit: carrots for nourishment
  5. Color-smart Day Moisturizer offers long-lasting hydration that nourishes and brightens. Comes with SPF30 and a tone-adapting tint.
    Feature & benefit: carrots for glow
  6. Color-smart Day Moisturizer Oil-free provides oil-free moisture that hydrates, brightens and mattifies. With SPF30 and a tone-adapting tint.
    Feature & benefit: Loquat leaf for oil balancing
  7. Quick Matte Moisturizer Oil-free gives mattifying nourishment, minus the tint and SPF.
    Feature & benefit: loquat leaf for oil balancing

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Results/feeling on the skin?

I have an event tonight but I want to start again with my makeup, getting rid of what I’ve been wearing today so I can start fresh tonight. Beginning with the Quick Gentle Cleanser, it removes all of my makeup without a trace and I love how I don’t have to splash my face with water before cleansing… because let’s be real, that never ever goes how the infomercials say it will. It feels non-drying and I love that the honey offers anti-bacterial properties – a total win for someone like me who’s prone to breakouts.

Next, I use the Fresh Jelly Lotion to plump and hydrate my skin which feels refreshing and soothing upon application.

Then for the Clear Mega-hydrating cream which gives just that: mega hydration. To the touch, the texture is incredibly creamy, yet it appears gel-like, while on the skin it feels moisturising and protective. I move straight to applying foundation afterwards as it feels decidedly like a primer, and just as I thought, it totally does the trick.

The next morning, I use the Quick Gentle Cleanser and Fresh Jelly Lotion again, before trying the Color-smart Day Moisturiser which instantly brightens my complexion with its tone-adapting tint. I love how it’s SPF30 as I’m extremely diligent with protecting my skin.

Things that matter to skincare obsessives:

No parabens. No mineral oil. Also, each WASO product is tested by dermatologists and is non-comedogenic.

WASO_24hr moisturizer (combination) texture

Best item from the range to take on a girls long weekend to Sydney?

The Clear Mega-hydrating cream for its intense hydration properties (great for skin recovery if you’ve had a few too many vinos the night before) and because the texture allows it to double as a primer, and triple as a natural, dewy highlighter atop of makeup. Love!

Very nice, how much?

The Quick Gentle Cleanser is the most affordable product at $49, the Fresh Jelly Lotion is $55, the Soft+Cushy Polisher is $59, and each of moisturisers will cost you $69.

Where from?

WASO can be purchased online from Farmers, Life Pharmacy or Smith & Caughey’s and from Shiseido counters. Visit your nearest Shiseido counter to collect a deluxe size sample of some WASO skincare. If you’d like to, you can talk to one of the Shiseido beauty consultants about any skin concerns you are having – they’re total experts and can recommend the best WASO products for you.

This article was brought to you by WASO by Shiseido, skincare crafted with respect for nature, for the beauty that exists within all of us.

Words: Skye Ross

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