Viarni from The Bachelor NZ shares her beauty regime

24 May 2017
By Fashion Quarterly

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Bachelorette and account manager Viarni Bright reveals her beauty regime and makeup must-haves.

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Morning beauty routine

I don’t really have a specific beauty routine, but I always make sure I moisturise before putting any make-up on so my skin stays nourished throughout the day.

I then apply a tinted moisturizer and a concealer to cover up any bags under my eyes or blemishes.

For my eyes I’ll brush on a quick coat of mascara, and shape and darken my eyebrows with a little brow powder – the current one I’m using is from The Body Shop.

I’ll then set my brows with a coat of clear eyebrow gel, but I think the bushier the brows are, the better.


As for my hair, whenever I wash it I just let it dry naturally – but will sometimes put in a quick squirt of salt spray if it’s a bit lifeless!

Most days I keep my makeup look pretty natural, but if I’m out and about and want to glam up my look a bit, I’ll put on a good matte brown eye shadow (sometimes I just use bronzer!), a couple of extra layers of mascara, and a bit of highlighter.

Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighters are my favorite!

I don’t really carry any beauty products with me during the day, but will usually have on hand some dry shampoo, Nivea coconut lip butter, concealer of some sort and Ashley & Co hand cream.


Once I’m ready in the morning that’s pretty much me done for the day!


Nights out

If I’m heading out to a fancy event, I like to start with a fresh base instead of just topping up the makeup I’ve been wearing that day.

I’ll replicate the same makeup I do in the morning, but will add some pressed mineral powder for a little bit more coverage.

I then darken my brows a little more, and if I’m wanting to go super glam I’ll use this super sparkly coffee coloured eyeshadow from Sephora that I love – but that only comes out for special or fancy events!


Depending on my outfit I might wear a lipstick – Mac Lady Danger and Kinda Sexy are my favourites.

I like to keep my look as natural as possible but enhance certain things depending on the night.

If I could only choose one product to glam up with for a night, it would definitely be mascara! I’m a strong believer in making those eyes pop with lashes.

I use Benefit ‘They’re real!’ mascara at night time to make my eyes a bit more dramatic.


Evening beauty routine

I always shower at night so that I can wash my skin really well and make sure I get all of my makeup off.

I use Essano Rosehip cream cleanser and do a Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Mask or Dermalogical Microfoliant once or twice a week, followed by a nice calming mist and moisturiser.

My favourite way to pamper myself at home is with Dermalogical Microfoliant – it’s like giving yourself a mini facial.


If I really want to treat my skin, I go to Skin Boutique in Browns Bay. Their facials and scar treatments are the absolute best and always make me feel more confident about my skin.

My hair color can be really tough to get right, so I’ve always stuck with my favorite hairdresser in the Mount.

Now that I live in Auckland however, I would love to find one here too that knows how to get it the right shade of coppery red.


As for mani / pedis and what not – it’s pretty rare that I don’t just do it myself – sometimes it’s hard to find time for that stuff!

My celebrity beauty icon is Zoey Deutch. She has a fresh faced beauty vibe and rocks every hair colour she tries – especially red.

My beauty routine hasn’t changed much as I’ve gotten older, but I have had some pretty bad acne in the past so I have always tried to look after my skin as much as possible.

Treating it well now will hopefully reward me down the track, so it’s something I try to take care of as best as I can!

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