Trish Peng on the key bridal trends to know this season

20 December 2021
By Fashion Quarterly

Fashion Quarterly speaks to designer Trish Peng about the year that has been, designing during a pandemic and what brides will be wearing this festive season.

Bridal designer Trish Peng.

After a tumultuous two years that saw many brides-to-be plan, change, cancel, and replan their dream wedding day — there was one event component that remained constant: the wedding dress.

As we enter a new phase of living, and welcome the return of in-person marriage festivities, Fashion Quarterly speaks to bridal designer Trish Peng about the shifts she’s witnessed in wedding culture, the challenges she’s faced as a designer, and the must-have bridal looks that will be walking the aisles this wedding season. 

The past two years have been particularly hard on the bridal industry. What shifts have you witnessed in wedding culture and attitudes towards tying the knot?

It’s been a difficult few years within the bridal industry, especially for those planning to get married amid the global pandemic. There have been shifts within wedding culture as a result of restrictions and the impacts Covid has had on wedding planning. We’ve noticed a lot of smaller weddings and elopements as there’s less at risk as opposed to having a large extravagant wedding. The same goes for people that wait until restrictions have eased instead of settling on a day while lockdown is still in full swing. 

Are you finding that bridal attire is shifting alongside industry changes?

Bridal attire hasn’t necessarily shifted alongside the pandemic, as brides have usually waited so long to pick the right dress. They want to find their dream dress no matter the circumstances. However, there can be a shift in attire depending on the size of a wedding, as brides opt for a slip dress or a more minimal look if their ceremony ends up being smaller than anticipated. We have also noticed an increase in interest in our sister brand Yours Truly, our second-hand bridal store. This is due to last-minute changes and brides having less time, lower budgets due to the pandemic, and less motivation to work around the ever-changing restrictions.

Tell us about your current collection, the inspirations behind it and the challenges you faced in the design process.

Our newest collection Cascade is a super exciting one for us as it includes a variety of textures and styles so there is something for everyone. This is also our first size-inclusive range. It’s a great step for us to be able to cater to all brides shapes and sizes. The collection has so many stunning pieces with different silhouettes and shapes, but still embodies simple and classic styles. We also have our first mini dress coming out in this range which will be a perfect and stylish option for the warmer months ahead.

There were many changes we faced during the process of this collection mainly with our campaign shoot being constantly pushed back due to restrictions. We also had obstacles with production and had designed the collection and were ready to shoot, but the lockdown meant we were delayed by over a month. There was definitely a lot to overcome this year but we are looking forward to what the new year will bring.

What are the key bridal styles that we should expect to see on brides this upcoming wedding season?

1. Off-the-shoulder gowns

Trish Peng 'Gabriella' gown.
Trish Peng 'Chantal' dress.

Off-the-shoulder gowns are definitely going to be prominent this wedding season. One of our favourite off-the-shoulder pieces from our Cascade collection is the Gabriella gown. It’s chic but classic and has a timeless look that we are absolutely obsessed with!

2. Mini bridal dresses

Trish Peng strapless 'Kaia' dress.
Trish Peng 'Kaia' dress.

Mini bridal dresses are another fun style we are looking forward to seeing this wedding season. Our Kaia dress is the perfect mini dress for brides who are wanting a more casual but feminine piece for their wedding, hen’s do, or engagement party. We have seen an increase in smaller weddings and more minimal styles as a result of the pandemic, and this is a fashion statement we think we’ll be seeing a lot more of in the new year.

3. Sheer detailing

Trish Peng 'Ashleigh' dress.
Trish Peng '3D Floral Lace' veil.

Sheer detailing provides the perfect finishing touches to any simple and classic dress. Our Ashleigh dress has a beautiful sheer back with boning detail that creates a subtle but eye-catching look.

4. Convex necklines

Trish Peng 'Serai' dress.
Trish Peng 'Liana' dress.

Convex necklines are a reverse-scoop style that we’ll be seeing more of this wedding season. Our Liana dress has a really gorgeous convex neckline that makes for a unique, bold and sophisticated look.

5. Unique laces and fabrics

Trish Peng 'Ayla' gown.
Trish Peng 'Maddie' dress.

Playing with different textures and materials is a fun way to create stand-out dresses for brides. The Maddie dress features different fabrics including 3D floral lace that makes the dress feel like its own work of art.

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