Why the chilli margarita is the next drink du jour for summer

2 November 2023
By Amberley Colby

Move over Negroni Sbagliato, the margarita is set to be this summer’s trending tipple.

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Much like fashion trends, cocktails tend to go in and out of style over time. It was the Pina Colada that took the world by storm in the ’80s, the Cosmopolitan in the early 2000s (thanks to the ever-iconic Carrie Bradshaw), and more recently, we’ve seen an array of different tipples including the Negroni Sbagliato and the Espresso Martini rise to prominence. With warmer days increasing in frequency for Aotearoa, one looming question remains: what will be the ‘It’ drink for summer 2024?

If the flurry of local recent releases are anything to go by, we have a feeling it’s going to be the chilli margarita. Refreshing, tart, and perfectly boozy – there’s a lot to love about the margarita and a multitude of ways to serve it. With new ready-to-drink launches from the likes of Pals and Alba hitting the shelves, we thought it fitting to pay homage to this season’s new drink de jour with a round up of our favourite Margarita recipes and RTDs.

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Pals Classic Margarita and Chilli Margarita

Fresh off the back of their most recent drink release ‘The Beige One’, Pals are continuing their winning streak this week by adding two brand new Margarita flavours to their line up – a classic and a chilli one. Crafted using authentic Blanco Tequila (distilled in Jalisco, Mexico), Triple Sec, Mexican limes, and a hint of sea salt, both drinks are refreshing light and punchy, and oh-so convenient to sip. For those who can handle a little heat, the Chilli Margarita is a spicier rendition of the classic – courtesy of the Habanero Chillies added to the recipe.

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Alba Chilli Margarita

Alba’s classic sparkling Margaritas have become something of a mainstay in our 5pm drink rotation here at FQ, but this week a new contender may have entered the chat with the launch of their very first Chilli Margarita. Arriving as the fourth product in the brand’s offering, this fiery new beverage combines their classic Sparkling Margarita recipe (read: authentic Mexican Tequila, lime juice, agave, salt, and New Zealand sparkling water) with a spicy new ingredient – Kaitaia Fire Chilli Pepper Sauce. Having sampled one or two for ourselves, we can tell you that this one has definitely got a kick – but fear not – if spice isn’t your thing, their classic sparkling or Coconut Margarita will go down a treat.

Batched Salted Grapefruit Margarita

We’re extremely partial to Batched’s range of handcrafted bottled cocktails, and recently the brand have taken the convenience to a new level by introducing canned versions of their drinks. Able to be simply shaken and poured straight from the can or bottle, their Salted Grapefruit Margarita offers a refreshing take on a classic that strikes the balance between sweet and sour. To elevate your tipple, try adding ice to a shaker and shake with a generous pour of the Margarita mix for 30 seconds, pour into a salted martini glass and garnish with lime.

FQs Coconut Margarita

If you’re feeling experimental and have a full set of bar tools at your disposal, why not try whipping up a tasty Margarita for yourself? Earlier this year, we released a stellar selection of tequila-based cocktail recipes in partnership with 1800, with a decadent Coconut Margarita being among the line up. If the aforementioned chilli or grapefruit renditions aren’t quite hitting the spot for you, then try this one on for size.

Serves 2
  • 45ml 1800 Tequila Coconut
  • 15ml triple sec
  • 30ml coconut cream
  • 30ml coconut milk
  • 15ml fresh lime juice
  • 1 dash of simple syrup
  • Freeze-dried lime, to garnish

Shake the ingredients together in a shaker, then strain over ice and garnish. You could also roll the rims of your glasses in salt, sugar or coconut.


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