Turns out summer’s biggest accessory trend is one you probably already own

5 September 2018
By Fashion Quarterly


According to our fashion editor Danielle Clausen, the humble flip-flop is large and in charge this summer.

If you, like us, have been feeling the full brunt of winter’s weight on your shoulders, you’d take respite scrolling the Instagram feeds of street style taking place in the northern hemisphere. There’s bright colours, light, airy fabrics and tinted shades that fill you with warmth just by looking at them. But perhaps more exciting amidst the trends is one in particular that we can all recognise – but not as we’ve known it before. It’s not Gucci Princetown slides and it’s not Balenciaga White Triple S sneakers: it’s a pair of Havaianas.

Recently I came across an image of the Olsen twins in the Wall Sreet Journal. Both perched cross-legged on wooden plinths, head-to-toe black and – much to my surprise – black jandals. Needless to say, my curiosity was piqued.



Forget pairing jandals with denim cut-offs and a white T-shirt as once was the go-to for summer days. This time around the trend is all about subverting the humble flip-flop, ideally taking high-low to the extreme by anchoring a glamorous dress with a jandal; a street style look being spearheaded by Scandinavians at Oslo and Copenhagen fashion weeks. More specifically, by Copenhagen’s most revered style authority, Pernille Teisbaek.

Teisbaek has been seen sporting her bright yellow, blue, and green Havaianas to the past few seasons of fashion week – including Fall 2018 Paris couture. While she admits she loves the way they pair with her Céline dresses, she reveals to Vogue that they were factored into her wardrobe for practical reasons.

“Truthfully, I wore the flip-flops during couture because I got so many blisters on my feet the first night from running late to the Miu Miu show,” she says. “I didn’t have any other choice but to wear the flip-flops, and they were so comfortable that they’ve just been stuck on my feet all summer.”

But it isn’t just street style reinventing the jandal trend from the ground up, international designers such as Michael Kors, Isabel Marant, Marc Jacobs and Hermès have sent such footwear down their runways which means this ‘passing’ trend might have legs to stick around.

FQ’s fashion editor’s pick:

Taking a leaf out of Pernille’s book, we’re wild for combining our Havaianas with jungle-inspired prints. Like the Charlotte Olympia design, $90 from Havaianas.

havaianas trend for summer 2018 2019

Words: Danielle Clausen
Photos: Getty Images, Supplied

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