Three fool-proof hair styles you can create at home that will get you through any occasion

1 May 2018
By Fashion Quarterly

If you’re having a hair ‘mare, these three fail-safe styles are here to save the day.

We’ve all been there at one point or another. You’re expected to be somewhere in 30 minutes: you’ve half applied your makeup, haven’t ironed your outfit yet and don’t even get us started on the state of your hair…

Lucky for us, the new ghd gold® professional styler makes creating hair that looks effortless, actually an effortless ordeal – and in less time, too. Which is one less thing to stress about each day (especially in those frantic moments). And the best part? It will leave you with smoother, sleeker and healthier looking hair*.

FQ beauty editor Megan Bedford has identified the three styles you should know about and along with ghd, have put together easy step-by-step guides, so you can easily give these styles a go from home.

Scroll for FQ’s three go-to hair looks that you can easily recreate at home: 


The occasion: Hey, we’re not going to sit here and tell you that you can’t wear a glam curl to the supermarket – if you want to go big during the day, that’s your business! However, a voluminous curl is most definitely a great option for evening, for formal (or semi-formal) events or for when you just want to get your inner Wonder Woman on at work or at the weekend.

Megan says: “Glam curls are an instant mood-lifter and they’re not actually as hard to achieve at home as you would be led to believe. Volume (but not too much volume) is the key here, so make sure you use a good mousse as a base and then blowdry hair with a big round brush to get rid of moisture and add a bit of movement at the root. My hot tip is to make the curls quite tight to begin with (which could look scary initially as you veer into Curly Sue territory) but brush this out, add a shine spray or serum, and you’re done!”

How to achieve this look using the new ghd gold® professional styler:

1. For curls that’ll last all night, prep dry hair with ghd curl hold spray.
2. Create a section along the top of the parting and clip away the sides.
3. Starting from the front, place the ghd gold® professional styler horizontally across the top of the head at the root, close and rotate 360° backwards.
4. Glide the styler through to the hair ends, directing it away from the face.
5. Wrap the curl around your fingers and secure in place with a pin to cool and set.
6. Continue using the same technique seen in steps three, four and five along the top section until all the hair has been curled.
7. On the rest of the hair, place the ghd gold® professional styler at the root pointing away from the face. Close the styler, rotate 360° and glide towards the ends. There is no need to pin these sections.
8. Repeat step 7 on all hair. Continue working in sections with the same technique around the head, always rotating the styler in the same direction.
9. Once you have worked your way round to the opposite of the head, the styler should now be pointing towards the face, rather than away – this is from rotating the style.
10. Once curls have cooled, unpin top section and brush back with a ghd paddle brush, flipping into a deep side parting.
11. Shake and separate the hair with your fingers to create a curly hairstyle with light airy texture.


The occasion: A sleek ‘do is perfect for every day, whether you’re dressed down in jeans and a tee, in work mode or heading to a party.

Megan says: “Dead straight hair is a super quick option but what I like about it is it always looks extremely polished but requires next to no skill! The main thing to consider here, is to make sure you use a good hair protectant spray and try not to do more than one pass over each strand of hair. If you do have to go over certain areas more than once, at least you know with the ghd gold® professional styler, you won’t be compromising on the health of your hair – the plates heat to the optimum temperature within 25 seconds (and stay at the same temperature consistently) so you will get the glossy, sleek effect with minimal effort.”

How to achieve this look using the new ghd gold® professional styler:

1. Prepare dry hair with a light mist of heat protect spray and distribute evenly through to ends.
2. Place the ghd gold® professional styler in at the hair root, gently close the plates and glide through hair.
3. Repeat step 2 throughout the sections, working up towards the parting.
4. Add a soft bevel to the front sections by slightly turning the ghd gold® professional styler in towards the face.
5. Spritz ghd final shine spray onto a paddle brush and brush through the hair.


The occasion: Tousled waves are a great everyday option for work or weekend, especially when you’re trying to disguise a bad hair day. The look you’re aiming for here is ‘effortlessly undone’ – as in, you don’t want it to look too perfect. In this respect, we also think it’s an ideal and unexpected look to opt when you’re dressed in black tie or for a formal event.

Megan says: “This look is best when it’s rumpled, a bit messy and loose. The best way to achieve it is to tousle it and almost create a backcomb effect, using your fingers to get in at the roots, for the best kind of beachy wave. To create a second on-point look, sweep the tousled waves back into a ponytail and secure with a scarf or ribbon.”

How to achieve this look using the new ghd gold® professional styler:

1. Taking large sections, spritz ghd root lift spray throughout the hair. Applying 2-4 sprays per section of hair will create the perfect foundation for a textured look.
2. Separate the hair into 4 sections, twisting hair as you dry with the hairdryer. TIP: Dry the hair slowly running the hairdryer along the twisted hair. Be sure not to place the hairdryer directly onto the hair.
3. Apply the ghd curl hold spray, which contains the ghd heat protection system, for long lasting protection and hold. Place the ghd gold® professional styler at the root and rotate half a turn to start creating some movement within the hair.
4. Continue to rotate as you push down and glide the styler through to the ends. Release the hair from the styler towards the ends of the hair to achieve a modern straight end.
5. Repeat the technique throughout the back sections, always keeping the styler horizontal and with a full turn.
6. Once the hair has cooled, use a detangling comb to loosen the hair waves by combing from roots to ends. Personalise your look by massaging small sections of hair between your fingers to add extra texture.

How to protect your hair from daily heat styling:

If you, like us, take to heated styling tools on the regular, it’s imperative to understand what temperature is best suited for the health of your hair without compromising on the efficacy of your style. The new ghd gold® professional styler heats to 185ºC (the optimum temperature for styling) in 25 seconds. Styling tools that go beyond this temperature will damage your hair whereas tools that go any cooler or can’t maintain their temperature won’t be able to style effectively. While products and heat protectants do assist damage from occurring, using the correct tools takes precedence when it comes to styling and protecting your hair.

Where to purchase the new ghd gold® professional styler

Launched in February 2018, the new ghd gold® professional styler, $320, sets the new gold standard for hair and is available from leading salons or online at 


*In a test of 128 consumers, significantly more consumers agreed that ghd gold® was better than ghd V® styler for leaving hair sleeker, smoother, shinier and healthier looking.

This article was brought to you by ghd®

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