5 thoughtful wedding trends for 2020 brides

4 October 2019
By Fashion Quarterly

The Curator’s Marica Frost shares the most meaningful wedding trends for future brides-to-be.

Knowing first-hand how hard it can be to plan your perfect day, newly engaged Marica Frost has founded The Curator – a free, customisable online platform that facilitates everything related to weddings; from a directory of unique, high-quality vendors, through to a realistic budget tracker, a multi-layered RSVP manager, and a straight-forward checklist system for managing that (slightly longer than expected) list of things to do.

“Whether you’re a trend-setter, a trend-scorner or a die-hard trend-follower you’re going to love what 2020 has to offer. The biggest trends about to take the wedding world by storm aren’t all about lavish locations, expensive eats or planking in your wedding photos,” she says. “They’re about looking at the past, thinking about the present and then doing exactly what you and your partner want to do, while being genuine, brave and a little bit creative with your chicken wire. These trends are good for the earth and good for your wallet, too.”

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Read on for Marcia’s pick of the best wedding trends for 2020 and beyond.

Charlotte Kiri Photography

1. Keeping it in the family

The bride and her gals, the groom and his guys, the tiny little flower-girl who makes grown men weep…when it comes to wedding-parties, it can be easy to settle for long-established traditions without a second thought.

However, in the spirit of breaking new ground and setting new trends, couples are beginning to get more creative – scrapping aesthetic expectations and giving their (often unconventional) nearest and dearest starring roles. And – if it’s tears you’re after – we think with Nana leading the bridesmaids and Koro welcoming guests, there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

2. Positively sparkling

Engagement rings shakily pulled from back pockets, wedding bands lovingly placed onto hands…with so much emotion behind every piece, it’s no wonder people are beginning to get a little more inspired with their jewels.

In-line with shifting international trends, a growing number of New Zealand couples are moving away from the expected and towards non-traditional settings, coloured gemstones and contemporary designs. This move towards modernisation is one many of our designers are well and truly on-board with – with many a creatively-placed sapphire, emerald and coloured diamond on display.

Charlotte Penman ‘Pilot’ ring in 18k gold

Renowned New Zealand jewellery designer, Charlotte Penman, believes it’s an exciting time to be a woman (or a forever-ring-wearer). “I think there is a shift away from expectations and tradition, and a desire for engagement and wedding rings to be a clearer representation of individuality,” she says.

Penman is also known for her endeavours to create positive change with each ring created. “The focus is on benefitting people in the process and making a positive impact, not only once complete for the wearer, but throughout the production process. ”

By thinking outside the square with recyclable packaging, the use of unexpected stones and recycled gold; the resetting of heirloom gemstones, and championing positive, thoughtful production; jewellers like Penman are helping to break down traditions and set inspiring new standards in the world of weddings.

3. Baby, it’s cold outside

Summer tends to be the season we gravitate towards when planning a wedding – the sun is shining, the days are long, and the Aperol flows like a delicious orange river. However, there’s another season that knows how to party (sorry autumn and spring – your time will come) and the advantages of having a winter wedding are countless.

Photography by Stephan & Nakita


Minimal sweat; affordable vendors, travel and locations; predictable weather (no stress if it rains – you’re almost counting on it) with the chance of a crispy blue-sky stunner; less competition for venues, dates and annual leave; guests who come fresh and ready to celebrate. Get ready everyone. Winter is coming.

4. Home-country honeymoon

New Zealand’s backyard is incredible, but the ever-international Kiwi often neglects to explore it. However, this year more and more couples are choosing to forgo visas, visors and vaccinations by booking themselves on a phrasebook-free New Zealand honeymoon.

No matter what time of year you’re planning for, there’s an abundance of beauty just waiting to be explored – with breath-taking scenery, adrenaline-pumping activities and premium bespoke experiences from Bluff to Cape Reinga. And, by keeping it local, your friends can join in the fun, too (just ask that they leave you to it for the couple’s massage).

5. A sustainable bloom

With everything that goes into a wedding, chances are there’ll be a bit of waste that comes out. Our consciousness around what we’re doing and how it’s impacting our world grows stronger every day – so it’s no surprise that couples are looking for increasingly sustainable ways to say ‘I do’.

The Forager floristry, photographed by Alice Van Schaik


One area particularly worthy of eco-conscious attentions is your flowers. Often a central part of wedding décor, flowers can actually be a worrying mix of nature’s beauty and not-at-all biodegradable. It’s not uncommon for masterpieces to be made using floral foam – a godsend when it comes to water retention and place-holding, but a major concern in the environmental impact stakes.

Unfortunately, the foam is non-recyclable and is often filled with scary old carcinogens which inevitably end up down the sink or outliving us all in a landfill. Couples are gravitating towards kinder alternatives like chicken-wire, carefully dressed buckets and pots, wooden framing and our favourite idea yet – dried floral arrangements and bouquets to be kept and treasured for many years to come.

As told to Jessica-Belle Greer
Photos: Bayly & Moore, Charlotte Kiri Photography

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