The skin experts breakdown how to keep skin radiant all summer long

16 December 2020
By Fashion Quarterly

Keeping skin luminous and healthy all summer long doesn't have to be complicated. Here's what you need to know according to the experts.

If you notice that your usually well-behaved complexion becomes a little problematic over the summer months, you’re not the only one. “We notice around this time that our skin can look a bit dehydrated and more break-out prone,” says Taryn Johnstone, national trainer at Caci. But just because summer can be hard on your skin, it doesn’t mean all hope – or all dewy complexions – are lost.  Johnstone and Caci national skincare trainer, Linda Sharrem, share their expert advice to ensure skin glows all summer long.  

Be mindful of the impact summer lifestyle changes – think surf, sun, sugar and alcohol – can have on your skin.

To keep your skin healthy and radiant, Johnstone suggests being more mindful of your skin than you normally would be. “If you’re at a work function outdoors, have a mini sunscreen in your bag,” she says. Sharrem agrees and says it’s crucial to up the ante sun-safe wise over the festive season.  “The sun can lead to damage resulting in dark spots, uneven skin tone and a breakdown of collagen and elasticity,” she explains. With too much exposure to harmful UV rays, the signs of premature ageing – lines and wrinkles – can appear. “The long-term effects of damaging sun exposure are pre-cancerous cells,” warns Sharrem.

But it’s not just the sun you need to consider when you’re outside enjoying the warmer weather – how you fuel your body plays a crucial role in skin health too. While that extra helping of trifle or Christmas cake is tempting, too much sugar can wreak havoc on a once-healthy complexion. “Sugar breaks down collagen and causes inflammation and fat-laden foods make you sluggish and slows detoxification in your system including your skin which can cause build
up on the skin leading to congestion, breakouts, dehydration and inflammation,” explains Sharrem. 

And while enjoying a tipple or two is synonymous with sultry summer evenings, too much alcohol can cause skin problems. “Excess alcohol causes dehydration and inflammation,” says Sharrem. She adds that if you’re prone to skin redness, this is something alcohol consumption can exasperate. 

A well-balanced diet loaded with fresh fruit and vegetables will help you combat the negative impact an indulgent summer lifestyle can have on your skin. “Make sure you are upping your water intake if you’re consuming sugary foods and alcohol,” suggests Johnstone.

Burning the candle at both ends come hand in hand with summer too. And as Sharrem explains, getting your beauty sleep is important if you want a luminous complexion. “Lack of sleep will reduce the overnight repair cycle of your skin and builds up cortisol levels in the skin, leaving skin inflamed and dehydrated, which can mean looking more tired.”

Be kind to yourself and your skin.

Summer is the season for unwinding, after all, so it’s only natural if we become a little more relaxed with our skincare routine. If you find yourself fretting about your skin Johnstone says the best thing you can do is get back into a routine as soon as possible. “Even if you need to do this several times, ” she says.  

She also says it’s important to not be too hard on yourself. “Be kind to yourself, once you get back to a consistent routine that works for you, your skin will be back in shape in no time,” she says.

Sharrem suggests the best way to shake things up and kickstart a new skin-health routine is by thinking about your lifestyle and diet. “Start by detoxifying by, drinking more water, eating fresh foods, take antioxidant supplements and go out for some fresh air and exercise,” she suggests. “Cleanse your skin and do a hydrating mask and try to catch up on some sleep.”

Start 2021 afresh and make it the year you wave goodbye to bad beauty habits.

At the end of the day, while we all want glowing skin over the summer months, the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to reset and rethink your approach to your skin and skincare. It’s also a great time to ditch any bad habits you may have picked up during the year. “2020 has been a ‘different’ and for some a stressful year,” says Johnston. As a result, many of us noticed more breakouts than normal. “One of the downfalls of stress to your skin is breakouts, so resist the urge to squeeze and pick,” she says.

“You can spread bacteria, resulting in more breakouts, not only that, you can scar your beautiful skin, and we don’t want that.”  Johnstone suggests introducing a new habit when you feel the urge to pick or squeeze skin. “Reach for a bottle of water instead! Hydration can help to balance oil flow and aids in the flushing of toxins out of your system,” she says. 

When the summer soirée invites stack up, pesky dark circles can creep up on you. Keep your peepers fresh by incorporating Murad Vita-C Eyes Dark Circle Corrector into your daily routine.  

Unlike other sunscreens that can weight skin down Skin Smiths Daily Defence Sheer Broad Spectrum SPF30 glides glides onto skin and even plays nice with make-up. Pop this one in your holiday beauty kit to keep skin safe and fend off those harmful UV rays.

Struggling to get your beauty sleep? “Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment is your answer before bedtime to help with the effects of not enough sleep on the skin,” says Sharrem. 


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