The secret to caring for sensitive skin: Avène thermal spring water

29 April 2021
By Fashion Quarterly

For hundreds of years, people from around the world have sought out the healing properties of Avène’s thermal water. Here’s how to work the French skincare brand into your daily routine.

Avène Thermal Spring Water

Nestled in the heart of southern France in the lush Haut-Languedoc Regional Nature Park is the quaint village of Avène. For two centuries now, people have flocked from around the globe to discover Avène’s natural spring: Sainte Odile — and, given its remarkable skin-healing properties, it’s no surprise. 

Over the last 250 years, the thermal spring water and Avène’s hydrotherapy centre have become internationally renowned for their ability to treat a wide range of hard-to-treat dermatological conditions. While Avène’s hydrotherapy centre has expanded significantly and continues to attract guests from all over the world, today, you no longer have to travel to the French village to experience the benefits of Sainte Odile. 

Thanks to Avène skincare, the prized, rejuvenating water from the healing spring is available in a wide array of skincare offerings: from the iconic Avène Thermale Spring Water spray to youth-restoring moisturisers and serums.

The Avène Difference

Thanks to various factors — our busy lifestyles, modern diets, the environment, and pollution, to name a few — sensitive and reactive skin have become common problems. 


Anyone with sensitive skin will understand that it can be difficult to find skincare products that agree with sensitive skin and also soothe and strengthen the skin’s barrier. Fortunately, an in-depth understanding and thorough approach to sensitive skin are at the heart of Avène’s skincare philosophy.

Each Avène product — whether it be for acne-prone skin, redness, hydration, or fighting the signs of ageing — has the rejuvenating Avène Thermal Spring Water as a star ingredient. The water, drawn directly from the healing spring, is cherished for its unique composition, which soothes, softens, and renews skin. In fact, with over 150 clinical studies and publications in scientific journals, Avène Thermal Spring Water has been approved and recommended by dermatologists worldwide for sensitive, hypersensitive, and allergy-prone skin.

Sensitive skin 101

We all have unique skin concerns, and sensitive skin is no exception. Sensitive skin can present in various ways, and while some might suffer from chronic sensitive skin, sensitive skin can also be something others suffer from periodically. 

According to Avène, naturally sensitive skin tends to be thin, is often dry, and can appear scaly and be prone to redness. In contrast, reactionary sensitive skin — which most of us have probably experienced at one point or another — might rear its head after too much time in the sun or wind or when you use products that irritate your complexion. 

Other skin conditions, for example, dermatitis, rosacea, and acne, can also increase skin sensitivity. If you’re unsure whether your skin is sensitive or you’re just suffering from reactionary sensitivity, it always pays to check in with a dermatologist.

Star of the Show

Not only does Avène Thermal Spring Water possess unique skin-healing properties, but the Thermal Spring Water Spray has also become known for its myriad uses. There’s really not a lot that the multitasking beauty essential can’t do. Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray can be used for everything from removing make-up to calming skin redness after exercise, soothing shaving rash, and relieving sunburn.

Discover the extensive Avène range in-store in pharmacies and explore Avène’s recommended skincare routines for all skin types online at

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