The most eligible princes in the world and where to find them

16 April 2018
By Fashion Quarterly

Still heartbroken that Harry’s taken? Fear not, pet.

According to Tatler magazine, these are the most eligible princes in the world just dying to cross paths with budding royalists like yourself.

Prince Mateen of Brunei, 26

Move aside Monaco, Brunei is the tiny nation on everybody’s lips. After all, that’s where you’ll find what we’re deeming the hunkiest of prospective princes. Fourth son of the Sultan of Brunei, Prince Mateen is an ex-SOAS student and a polo player.  He His Instagram is a work of art and, oh,  did we mention he also owns a leopard? Reow.

Prince Mateen of Brunei-Eligible-Princes-Gallery-1000x833

Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan, 23

In search of a working prince? Look no further than Crown Prince Hussein, the rugged Georgetown and Sandhurst alumnus who’s mad on football and motorbikes. And where can you find him? At the UN looking fine in uniform (obviously).

Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan, 23-Eligible-Princes-Gallery-1000x833

Prince Nikolai of Denmark, 18

Grandson of Queen Margrethe II and godson to the Earl of Wessex (that’s Britain’s Prince Edward, by the way), Prince Nikolai may look familiar to some. Need a hint? He walked in Burberry’s A/W18 show. Yes, that’s right, Prince Nikolai is a model signed by Scoop Models (check out his portfolio) and is reportedly into house music. But let’s be honest, which eighteen-year-old isn’t – and suddenly we are too?

Prince Nikolai of Denmark-Eligible-Princes-Gallery-1000x833

Prince Joseph Wenzel of Liechtenstein, 22

Ready to be stumped? Turns out, Prince Joseph – the Grandchild of Hans-Adam II, the ruling Prince of Liechtenstein – is believed by some to be the rightful heir to the British throne. Mmm hmm, that’s right. He went to Malvern College and then Sandhurst and goes by the name ‘Wenzel’. Think he sounds like the one for you? Well, dust off the old snow boots and brush up on your parallel turns because your best bet of tracking this one down will be on the ski slopes in Malbun.

Prince Joseph Wenzel of Liechtenstein-Eligible-Princes-Gallery-1000x833

Prince Sébastien of Luxembourg, 25

Chocolate isn’t the only thing delicious to come out of the Belgium region. Enter, Luxembourg, the teeny tiny European country complete with dense forestry, rocky gorges, and the youngest son of Grand Duke Henri – Prince Sébastien.  An Old Amplefordian – that’s an independent school in the village of Ampleforth, North Yorkshire, England – before heading to Sandhurst at the same time as Crown Prince Hussein. Do we detect a possible two-princes-with-one-stone situation?

Prince Sébastien of Luxembourg-Eligible-Princes-Gallery-1000x833

Prince Louis of Luxembourg, 31

Okay, okay, we hear what you’re saying. What good is a young prince when you’re ready to dive in and settle down, stat?  May we introduce to you the newly single, and older brother of Sébastien, Prince Louis. Living in London and parted from his wife for almost a year, Prince Louis has two children, one of whom was born out of wedlock when he was 19… What a handsome rebel.

Prince Louis of Luxembourg-Eligible-Princes-Gallery-1000x833

Photos: Getty Images and Instagram

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