The best fashion-related Instagram accounts you should be following

8 February 2018
By Fashion Quarterly

A gift... from us to your Instagram feed.

A gift… from us to your Instagram feed.

Ahh Instagram, our favourite form of procrastination. Endless hours whiled away scrolling through the ‘gram, providing us with both mind-numbing entertainment and also irreplaceable stalking opportunities.

However, in the mood of 2018, we have been trying to add a few more beneficial accounts to our following list. With some providing at-the-minute fashion industry updates, and others providing much needed laughs, check out our list below for some fashion accounts to follow ASAP. You can thank us later.

Diet Prada @diet_prada

Your go-to destination to check out everyone who has taken a little too much inspiration from other designer creations when designing certain items of clothing (the latest being Missguided, with their new collection bearing an eerily similar vibe to Yeezy season 6). As well as a huge amount of shade-throwing entertainment, they will also keep you #woke, with commentaries on various dramas that are occurring within the industry as well.

Celeste Barber @celestebarber

Have you ever looked at photos of a model or celebrity and thought there is no way a mere mortal could look this fabulous while doing yoga on a beach/laying in the ocean/draped half naked over a couch? Lucky for you, Celeste Barber has thought this too, and has decided to test it out – herself. Replicating numerous celebrity pics—from Bella Hadid to Beyonce—she provides more than a few laughs. Often enlisting the help of her husband (@hothusband_), her Instagram is a refreshing take on how normal people look without the help of professional photographers, makeup artists and the rest.

Every outfit on Sex and the City @everyoutfitonsatc

As if it wasn’t enough that this Instagram has taken on the honourable (and hefty) task of illustrating every outfit that ever appeared on Sex and the City, they have also blessed us with #wokecharlotte. This basically consists of taking scenes in which famously conservative character Charlotte could have been liberal in her commentary, and replaces her quotes with suitably ‘woke’ phrases. Trust us, it’s worth it.

Menswear dog @mensweardog

This account is basically exactly what it sounds like – a dog dressed in current season menswear. And yet, he somehow looks perfectly normal kitted out in human clothing (and is better dressed than a lot of men we know!) Well worth a follow, it’s impossible to beat the combination of fashion and dogs.

Gryffindior @gryffindior

Your favourite Harry Potter characters dressed in current season Dior. Need we say more?

Angelica Hicks @angelicahicks

An illustrated commentary on society at the moment, covering everything from fashion to politics, while incorporating a heavy dose of puns? Done and done.

Tommy Lenk @tommylenk

The ex-Buffy actor’s Instagram account is filled with images of him replicating outfits from magazine editorials, runway looks and red carpet outfits. The recreations, often made from household items such as paper cups, garbage bags and cleaning gloves, are truly marvellous.

Chris Rellas @Copylab

Adding hints of high fashion to Renaissance paintings, Chris Rellas somehow manages to make these modern items seem as if they belong. Did you not know they had Supreme in the 1400s?

Julie Houts @jooleeloren

Her drawings act as an embarrassingly accurate insight into the current state of… well, everything. From the fashion industry to social media, politics and everything in between, her ‘grams are good for a laugh and  also a bit of serious self-reflection about what we do in our spare time.

The Business of Fashion @bof

The perfect Instagram to follow for fashion industry news and updates – ranging from new campaigns, runway reviews, and in-depth pieces on notable figures in the world of fashion.

Freddie Smithson @freddiemade

The man who turned the queen into an Instagram girl, Trump into a street style star, and Britney Spears into a Balenciaga campaign, Freddie Smithson’s account is a particularly brilliant alternate universe – putting iconic faces into fashion situations they will probably never be found in in real life (but never say never, right?!)

Words: Molly Codyre
Photos: via Instagram


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