The Beauty Ceutical Co. x Artemis collab you need to know about

4 March 2021
By Nicole Saunders

A unique collaboration for a worthy cause – Artemis and Beauty Ceutical Co team up in support of The Women's Fund this International Women's Day.

This week, the ceramist and beauty brand joined forces to auction off a limited range of Artemis x BCC mugs in celebration of International Women’s Day, where all proceeds go towards The Women’s Fund.

Fashion Quarterly talked with Beauty Ceutical co founder, Beatrice Thorne about this unique partnership, and found out more about her new beauty brand on a mission to reshape an entire industry into something more supportive and inclusive.

Tell us about how the collaboration with Artemis came to be.

Georgia from Artemis and I met last year and we connected through our visions of creating rituals of beauty and self care for women. The combination of Artemis’ beautiful body-loving ceramics and a skin nourishing hot drink with our Collagen Oat Creamer to wrap your hands around, is the ultimate self-care ritual. We’re both passionate about wellness, empowering and amplifying women, and helping them to realise the magic that lives within them.

Why The Women’s Fund?

We decided to collaborate to raise awareness for the Women’s Fund as it’s a fantastic cause doing exactly what we’re passionate about: lifting people up (and supporting them to access what they need to lift themselves up). The Women’s Fund works with women of diverse backgrounds, amplifying their voices, investing in their potential and accelerating growth and development opportunities. If you haven’t heard of the fund I recommend you check them out and consider supporting. They are doing amazing work that makes a profound difference.



What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

IWD is a time to celebrate and reflect on our magic as women, what we’ve achieved, and how we can support our fellow women. The beauty industry isn’t something that has typically operated in the best interests of women. As a beauty business, IWD is a time for us to look more deeply at how we can truly celebrate, amplify and support women of all backgrounds.

We understand Beauty Ceutical Co is doing things differently. Tell us about your stance on the beauty industry.

Thanks to social media, we are confronted with unattainable ideas of perfection at a rate never seen before, and the beauty industry has been perpetuating these messages for years. To us, beauty isn’t how many steps are in your skincare routine, how good you are at contouring or the shape or size of your body. It’s the relationship you have with yourself, how you nourish yourself and your values.

 How do you hope to inspire more to look beyond the surface of what we have been conditioned to think of as beautiful?

We work in the space between beauty and wellness. With our inside out approach to beauty, starting with our Oat Milk Collagen Creamer, we invite people to focus within – how are you feeling? How are you sleeping? How are you nourishing your body? Moving this emphasis from the outside to the inside taps us into what really matters: how we feel inside.

Beauty Ceutical Co launched in January with collagen beauty milk. Why is collagen so important?

There is a growing body of evidence – both scientific and anecdotal – supporting hydrolysed collagen’s ability to support skin, gut, and joint health, and nail and hair growth. I think it’s become such a trend because it gets good results for so many people!

The Artemis x BCC auction is going live via TradeMe on Monday 8th March, ending on Sunday 15th March. All proceeds will be donated to support The Women’s Fund. Follow Beauty Ceutical on Instagram for live auction updates.

Beauty Ceutical Co is available for purchase online and at GoodFor Wholefoods Refillery.

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