Two-mother daughter duos share the style lessons they’ve learnt from each other

2 May 2019
By Fashion Quarterly

Wearing pieces from Swarovski’s new Mother’s Day collection, two mother-daughter duos share the style lessons they’ve learnt from each other.


Nita wears Swarovski Sunshine pierced earrings, $179, Sunshine necklace, $349, and Only bracelet, $149. Paige wears Swarovski Only earrings, $99, Sunshine necklace, $159, Sunshine ring, $199, and Tennis bracelet, $299.

How would you describe your bond?

NITA: She’s my best friend! While we’re different in many ways, we have so many similarities. Our bond has only grown stronger as we get older and I know we can talk about anything with each other.
PAIGE: I definitely feel that as I have gotten older, we’ve grown a lot closer. We really are best friends and I know I can always lean on Mum when I need her.

How would you describe your own style?

NITA: I have to be honest, I follow the trends and take a lot of my fashion inspiration from a number of websites, blogs and magazines. I’ve always thought it’s important to stay current with fashion even as I get older. I am a huge fan of prints and colour and I’m not scared to experiment.
PAIGE: I’ve always loved streetwear – I own way too many pairs of jeans and I’m often in a T-shirt or hoodie and sneakers. I do love putting on a dress and getting dolled up, but you’ll never catch me in heels!

How would you describe her style?

NITA: Paige has always been a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl and even when she’s in a dress, she’s always wearing sneakers. She has a streetwear style but adds a feminine touch through the colour of her sneakers or the way she does her hair and makeup.
PAIGE: Mum doesn’t have a definitive style because she is always changing up her looks – a black turtleneck top with black dress pants and flats one day to a bright orange dress with white leather mules the next. She has always worn what makes her happy.

What’s your earliest style memory relating to each other?

NITA: From about the age of four, Paige had an obsession with wearing this pair of pull-on leather work boots similar to her father’s, and she refused to wear anything else. I’ve got photos where she’s wearing a fairy dress to a dress-up party with those same old boots.
PAIGE: I used to look through these huge photo albums my nana had of Mum and Dad when they were in their teens, and I just thought Mum was beautiful – her tan, her long dark hair, not an ounce of makeup and the amazing outfits she wore just mesmerised me.

Paige, what has your mum has taught you about style?

She’s always taught me to stay natural, and above all, wear what I love and what I’m comfortable in.

Nita, what has your daughter taught you?

It’s funny because Paige is now giving me the same advice I gave to her growing up – I’ve always told Paige to stay natural and that she is beautiful the way she is. As I get older and more wrinkles and grey hairs start appearing, she’s giving me that same advice, which I just love.


Greta wears Swarovski Only earrings, $99, Only bracelet, $149, and Sunshine ring, $199. Nancy wears Swarovski Sunshine pierced earrings, $179, Sunshine necklace, $159, and Tennis bracelet, $299.

How would you describe your bond?

NANCY: We have a great connection and I believe this is because we have very similar attitudes in life. We frequently have the same views but I like that Greta can bring a different perspective to things. University has encouraged sustainability, diversity and resilience which has added to her depth of conversation.
GRETA: I couldn’t ask for a better mother, she listens, she coaches and she’s always there. I turn to her for everything and simply enjoy being in her company; she’s a best friend and mother. We have a strong bond and clash very rarely; I’m grateful to have that type of relationship.

How would you describe your own style?

NANCY: I’m a very relaxed dresser. I love wearing dresses and will wear them until it’s cold enough to wear jeans and a jumper. My favourite season is summer because I love the beach which I feel is reflected in my style. I always want to have colour in my wardrobe and am drawn to clothing that makes me happy. I dress most days like I’m away on a summer holiday.
GRETA: I feel like my style changes all the time, from multi-coloured pants with a hot pink top to a plain white tee and jeans. I love a good statement piece especially a cool jacket or pair of pants paired with a plain outfit. If I had to define it, it would be semi-chic with a pop of colour.

How would you describe her style?

NANCY: Greta is always well-presented whether she is off to work, uni or an outing. I’m proud of the way she represents herself through her clothing and I loved her fun festival outfits over summer. Her makeup always looks stunning (thankful to YouTube tutorials) and she helps me with my own when I wear it.
GRETA: Mum loves her boho beachy look. We live close to the beach so she will always be in light cottons or linens with bright colours. Like me, her wardrobe is so mixed, which I feel represents the different stages of her life. But at the moment her boho beach vibe makes it impossible for her to walk past a patterned print in a shop.

Greta, what’s the biggest life lesson you’ve learnt from your mum?

Mum has taught me so much but something that has stuck is the way people treat you is a reflection on them and not yourself. Being the bigger person and not stooping to a lower level makes you feel so much better as not being true to yourself hurts you more than anyone else ever could. I apply this advice in so many different ways because the root of it is just be yourself and don’t let others tell you how you should be.

Swarovski’s new Mother’s Day sunshine collection celebrates the radiant bond between mother and child, and the various maternal figures in your life – from mums to grandmas, mother-in-laws to friends. Classic pieces feature sun-inspired silhouettes with a shining palette of white, blue and yellow, the perfect gift to #FollowYourSun and show the mother figure in your life how much they’re appreciated and loved. Shop the new collection in store now.

Photos: Bauer Media


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