So you want to be an influencer – but is it for the right reasons?

28 June 2018
By Fashion Quarterly

The modern-day millennial dream… or is it really?

For some, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube are not just social platforms. They’re career-making digital stages where the “look at me and all my cool things” image has allowed said person to create a sustainable career. And with some annual salaries amounting up to at least $100,000, being an influencer really can become a full-time position.

The role of the influencer is a fascinating job description. Not only do they compel the general public to save their hard earned pennies to purchase that coveted item promoted across social media but they also show that you can be your own girl boss and turn a side hustle into a full-fledged career.

However, as the number of influencers has risen over the last couple of years so has the common misconception that this level of Insta-fame is highly enviable and easy to achieve.

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A successful influencer is incredibly motivated and self-disciplined as seen in the constant work they create via content like Instagram stories and vlogs. Vloggers alone can spend hours filming a video and then even longer editing the footage. While bloggers may spend days trying to nail the right product photograph or street style snap to ensure the product they are promoting is looking its best. How else do you think they build such a following? It takes a lot of work and time.

The reality is that nobody can just wake up and decide that they want to be a successful influencer. Rather an influencer is born from their perception of themselves and how they convey this across social media. By embracing the things they love and allowing their social platform to be a creative outlet it becomes an extension of their lives and not their lives full stop. A true influencer is someone who has authentic followers that they create a connection with. It’s genuine and positive, nobody likes a fake.

So you’ve got a desire to be an influencer? Stop right there because first things first you need to determine if you’re doing it for the right reasons. And in order to help, we’ve jotted down a few simple statements that differentiate between the right and wrong reasons to become the next it-girl.


  • Free clothes and makeup? Yes, please!
  • The popularity is a dream come true.
  • You want to be invited to events just to look cool.
  • You find personal fulfilment in Instagram followers and likes.
  • Only people who are Insta famous are cool.
  • You want to copy someone or take a little too much inspiration from current successful influencers.
  • You think that they live the perfect life.
  • You believe they live easy lives.

If you answered yes to the statements above then you may want to re-think your overall perception of the digital world. Success comes from authenticity and not from comparison or competitiveness. Happiness is not linked to who you are or what you have, it’s a state of being.


  • Your Instagram is your creative outlet. Every little square is a blank canvas ready to be coloured.
  • You enjoy discussing and sharing brands and products that you genuinely believe in.
  • Your following and rate of likes do not define who you are.
  • The social media world is an uplifting, creative, inventive and positive place.
  • You believe in supporting the people around you and admire current successful influencers for their hard work.
  • There is enough room in the online world for everybody to be successful.

If this is you well, you go girl! Keep doing you online and it may result in an incredibly fulfilling and long-lasting online career.

Words: Ash Owens
Photos: Instagram


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