3 flattering hair styles that will suit your face shape all year long

2 September 2016
By Fashion Quarterly

Chopped hair

Make a change, with Elise Wilson’s guide to this season’s hottest hair updates.

If you’re craving change, a haircut is one of the easiest ways to make a dramatic or not-so-dramatic upgrade. Embrace your natural texture, try out choppy layers or flirt with a fringe. We speak to three award-winning stylists to discover this season’s hottest cuts, and how to get them.

The long fringe

A new fringe can make an instant style statement. Think of it like a fashion accessory that is updated each season. “Fringes can change your entire look,” says Nic Apaapa of Nicholas Paul Hair Design. Currently, bangs are inspired by the likes of Brigitte Bardot, with thicker, fuller styles seen on celebrities such as Dakota Johnson and Sienna Miller. With a fringe comes maintenance, so you’ll be seeing your hairdresser more than usual. “You have to expect to visit your salon regularly in between appointments to have your fringe trimmed,” says Apaapa. “To start, ask for a longer fringe – you can always go shorter.”

Make it work
It’s up to you whether you want a softer, more versatile fringe, or a blunt one for an edgier finish. When it comes to what suits you best, talk to your stylist about your face shape. “Heart shapes may want a sweeping fringe, whereas round faces should arch the fringe shape,” says Apaapa. Shorter fringes suit those with a short forehead and oval face shapes work with most fringe styles, he adds.

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Style it at home
As well as frequent salon trims (every three to four weeks), bangs need work at home each day. “I suggest dampening your fringe with water then blasting it dry from above,” Apaapa says. “Next, smooth ends with a half-round vent brush.” If you want to add shine, work a small amount of Joico K-PAK Restorative Styling Oil, (1), $31, through the ends and blast with cold air when finished. “Or, for hair with a lived-in dry texture, use Joico’s Hair Shake,” (2), $34.

Try: 1. Joico K-PAK Restorative Styling Oil, $31. 2. Joico Hair Shake, $34.


Layered hair

Choppy Layers

According to Greg Murrell, owner of Ryder Salon in Auckland, shaggy, choppy hair is this year’s key look. Celebrities like Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence, who have medium layers around the face, should be your style inspiration. “Choppy layers look best on shoulder-length hair as they help to create a look that is a hybrid of short and long hair,” says Murrell. “You achieve a lot of versatility because the hair is still long enough to put up, but you also have shorter lengths on top, which make it easy to style in interesting ways.” This look is perfect for those with fine to medium hair that has a little natural movement in it.

Make it work 
Firstly, Murrell recommends deciding on an appropriate layer length with your stylist. “Depending on your hair density and the amount of hair and movement, the shortest length would be between your ear and your jaw,” he explains. “The layering is best focused from the top of the head to preserve the amount of weight at the back.” Keeping the style blunt at the bottom will work well as a contrast to the movement seen elsewhere in the layers, he points out.


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Style it at home
If you don’t have naturally wavy hair, there are ways to cheat. “Try bending your mid-lengths lightly around a GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand, (3), $270, leaving the ends out, or alternatively, twist your hair up in about eight sections and leave to dry,” says Murrell. “For a product that helps separate through the ends and give a textural second-day look to your hair, Davines This is a Dry Texturiser, (4), $45, is great.” A dry shampoo also works wonders for creating body at the roots.

Try: 1. Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo, $46. 2. Matrix Style Link Mineral Play Back Dry Shampoo, $24. 3. GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand, $270. 4. Davines This is a Dry Texturiser, $45.

Karlie Kloss Lob

The midi

Does the idea of going shoulder-length make you uneasy? Hair expert Samantha Snow, from Auckland’s Snow salon, says an easier option is to go a tad longer. “I would describe it as being more airy than the lob (long bob) and not as blunt as the bob,” she says. “It’s what all the models like Karlie Kloss have been rocking.”

Make it work
For this style, hair should be hitting your collarbone, or just below. “It’s important to have long layers that are more texturised through the ends instead of all blunt,” says Snow. “Try to also avoid feathering layers around the face as this can make the overall cut look considerably shorter.”


Style it at home
Luckily, this style looks great straight or wavy, but Snow recommends not going too curly or you’ll lose the length completely. “For day-to-day, use your hair dryer to create a more bouncy look – keeping movement through the ends to soften the style.”

Try: 1. VS Sassoon 3Q High Performance Dryer, $240. 2. Davines Your Hair Assistant Prep Shampoo, $42, and Prep Mild Cream Conditioner, $44. 3. Goldwell Reconstruct Blow Dry Spray, $38.

For more of this season’s hottest beauty looks check out the latest issue of Simply You, on sale now.

Words: Elise Wilson.
Photos: Getty Images.

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