The sex bucket list

31 January 2016
By Fashion Quarterly


What’s on yours? We got 100 girls and 100 guys to ’fess up to the weird and wonderful things on their fantasy checklist.

1. The great outdoors

Girls have a penchant for getting down outside the bedroom: 91% say yes to the shower, 73% will do it in a fitting room and 72% want elevator sex. Of the boys, 80% want to get seriously sandy on the beach at least once.

Elizabeth, 22, banker: “Bedrooms are kind of boring, mix it up!”

2. Cheating

Here’s a scary stat: 60% of dudes say they want to try cheating on their girlfriends (nice). But 72% of girls say this is a no-go zone.

3. Bottoms up

When it comes to anal, a huge 96% of guys say bring it on (surprise, surprise).
61% of girls say they want to tick this off their list too – didn’t see that one coming!

Lizzie, 23, insolvency consultant: “I don’t understand why girls would do it – things come out of there, they shouldn’t go up!”

4. Threesomes

100% of guys say they want a threesome before they die (wow!) compared to 84%
of ladies.


Caitlin, 22, marketing assistant: “Two guys would be way too intense, I feel like I would just be spit-roasted straight away.”


5. One-night stands

100% of guys want one-night stands (no shock factor). 90% of girls are into them as well.

6. Sex with the same gender

Girls seem to be more bi-curious than boys, with 48% saying they’d experiment but 88% of guys said NO WAY to sex with another male.

Lucy, 21, student: “Sexuality is fluid. I don’t want to knock it ’til I’ve tried it.”



7. Getting a little weird

90% of guys want to watch other people having sex and 88% want to partake in an orgy.

8. Sex with the boss

Both sexes have a thing for authority: 51% of girls and 70% of guys say they’d go there.

9. Going all 50 shades

72% of girls say they want to be tied up. 80% of guys are down to get kinky!

10. Taping it

Have you learnt nothing from the likes of Kim K or Paris?! More than 50% of the girls surveyed are keen to make a sex tape while a massive 84% of guys say they would front up to the camera (of course). Just remember to hit the delete button!

Gab, 23, photographer: “I would make a sex tape for the funny memory; something to look at when I’m old and not getting laid.”

11. Celebrity lust

84% of girls are dying to get their hands on their Hollywood crush just to tick that
off the list (Ryan Gosling, anyone?) 99% of guys would also like to get between the sheets with their favourite A-lister.

Jack, 24, waiter: “I’d be too nervous to perform. Imagine not being able to get it up with Jessica Alba!”

Photos: Getty Images

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