Sarah Murray puts Lancôme’s Advanced Genifique Yeux Light-Pearl to the test

6 July 2022
Sarah Murray

This eye and lash concentrate is an essential for your skincare routine.

Produced in partnership with Lancôme. 
Image: Supplied.

When it comes to skincare, I always look for multi-tasking products that are easy to apply and give the best results. That’s why the latest iteration of Lancôme’s Advanced Genifique Yeux Light-Pearl™ eye and lash concentrate ticks all the boxes. It’s certainly not news that the skin underneath and surrounding your eyes is both thinner, and more delicate, than the skin on the rest of your face. On top of that, the dehydration and slower cell turnover of the eye contour can result in a rough and dull appearance, which can accelerate the visible ageing process and lead to fine lines and wrinkles.

Despite this, many of us still skip an eye serum or cream in our nightly skincare regime. With Lancôme’s Advanced Genifique Yeux Light-Pearl™ the process is made incredibly easy — you simply swipe it under your eyes and the unique serum absorbs into the skin quickly. Et Voila! 

The formula itself packs a lot of punch. It delivers 30 million (yes, million) prebiotic and probiotic fractions with its unique self-loading dropper, in a bid to get essential nutrients to support the growth of beneficial bacteria to benefit the skin. This in turn will strengthen and protect the skin. Buckwheat seed extract and hydration booster hyaluronic acid are used to tackle the volume loss that contributes to under eye shadowing. Added to that mix, vitamin CG (a vitamin C derivative) helps to brighten and even the skin, while the addition of caffeine extract works to visibly reduce puffiness. An element I’m particularly excited about is the lash complex trio which was recently added to the formula. Comprised of arginine, madecassoside and citric acid, it cares for and strengthens lashes. 

For me, the applicator was what kept me coming back. The specially engineered and unique 360°stainless steel applicator has been made so it can access 100% of the eye contour — effortlessly manoeuvring around even the most hard to reach areas. Most impressively though, it delivers a proven -3°C instant cooling effect, which seems to almost immediately refresh tired eyes. And by moving it around in a circular motion, it’s like a mini massage every day. 

The result? I used the product for a few weeks and definitely noticed a brighter looking eye area. And I’m not alone — scientific studies have shown eye bags are reduced by 17 per cent while firmness is increased by 11 per cent. Overall, my eye area looked less puffy, and somehow, more youthful. 


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