Miss FQ’s digital content producer Ruby Hamilton on her journey to self-love

24 February 2020
By Fashion Quarterly

Because your like is the only one you need.

Miss FQ’s very own Ruby Hamilton is a lover of all things social media and style, and of course, her trusty Converse. Always creating her own luck and opportunity, our digital content producer was part of Converse’s new ‘Love Fearlessly’ campaign talking about her journey to self-love through self-empowerment and the importance of surrounding yourself with creative, hard-working female friends.

Miss FQ: Can you talk us through your personal style and how you use this to portray your sense of self to the world?
My style is mostly practical and comfortable, with a focus on natural fibres and New Zealand designers and makers. I like to feel put together and polished but almost always styled with my trusty Converse high top sneakers.

The journey to self-love is ever-changing and growing; can you talk us through your journey so far?
I think the journey to self-love is definitely one that is probably going to just go on forever. But I think I am finally getting to a place where I understand that surrounding myself with positive people who are supportive really has helped me navigate this journey.

What’s your self-talk like?
In the past my self-talk has been really negative and I think that has fed into my anxiety a lot but I am starting to really understand the importance of positive self-talk and why it is really vital to a good state of mind. Surrounding yourself with people who also have a positive relationship with themselves and their own self-talk really contributes to creating a safe and positive environment for you to be able to navigate through the ever-changing journey of self-love.

In a world of external validation and the pressure to make other people happy – how do you stay true to yourself?
Everyone who has used social media, in particular Instagram, as a creative outlet knows that it’s a bit deflating to post something and not have it received the way you want it to. But it’s about shifting the thinking into it being about creating your own content and using the platform as an extension of yourself and creativity and not relying on the validation of others. I stay true to myself by knowing what I like and that sometimes people won’t always agree with it and by trying my best not to take things too seriously… this is still a work in progress for me.

How has self-care and self-love led to stronger bond with the relationships/female friendships in your life?
When you have a lot of confidence and a lot of self-belief it really does translate into how you support your inner circle and support your female friendships. It really helps remove the competitiveness between us that we are handed by society. I think having a strong sense of self and an awareness of how important self-love is really does help strengthen relationships with the people around you.

Ruby wears the ‘Love Fearlessly’ collection’s take on the ultimate classic, Chuck Taylor All Star High Tops, complete with tiny heart details.

Photos: Sophie Andreassend @ Here Today Studio

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