Quiz: What’s your Waiheke winery style?

3 January 2017
By Fashion Quarterly

Cable Bay inline

The ‘Island of Wine’ has almost as many vineyards as beaches.

But why waste your time on Waiheke rushing from A to B when you can take our quiz to find the perfect vineyard for uninterrupted relaxation? Answer these questions to find the perfect winery match:

What swimwear is on your wish list?

a) An Emma Ford one piece in geometry print; classic shapes with an edge.
b) A Zimmermann bikini teamed with a Good & Co scarf; feminine with a splash of romance.
c) A Tosca & Salome bikini; bohemian with a love of colour.
d) A floral Lonely swimsuit; just a little bit nostalgic.

Who’s your favourite New Zealand fashion designer?

a) Karen Walker.
b) Juliette Hogan.
c) Trelise Cooper.
d) Kate Sylvester.

What’s your drink of choice?

a) A light rosé, perfect to help you unwind with friends.
b) Champagne, it’s always time to celebrate.
c) A hearty red, the colour and taste is so rich.
d) A cold sav blanc, preferably out of a picnic basket.


A friend has showed up to your place unannounced, what do you do?

a) Freak out about how untidy your home must look; there are only a couple of Turkish towels lying about but still…
b) Where are the flowers? Quickly find a centerpiece for an impromptu lunch.
c) Thank yourself for going to the deli yesterday, while you put together a board of pecorino, provolone and gorgonzola.
d) Hope there is cold wine or beer in the fridge. If not, there is always ice.


Mostly As
Cable Bay Vineyard

You’re a city slicker with an eye for detail. Cable Bay is an established winery destination designed by Charlie Nott Architects, who also worked on Depot and Monica Loves eateries back on the mainland. The Dining Room has been renovated by Fearon Hay. It has spectacular views, a minimalist aesthetic and a seemingly endless supply of rosé. Cable Bay is also the closest winery to the main ferry terminal, so you can sneak back to the city at a moment’s notice.

Mostly Bs
Mudbrick Vineyard and Restaurant

You’re a romantic who likes the finer things in life. The impressive restaurant at Mudbrick has large windows to show off the sweeping views. There is a smaller barn room for more intimate meals as well as newly opened The Archive bar and bistro. The syrah wins awards but there is often a lot of champagne and méthode traditionelle consumed on site, with Mudbrick being a popular wedding and celebrations destination.

Mostly Cs
Poderi Crisci Winery & Restaurant

You’re as passionate as the Italians about food and long summer lunches. Poderi Crisci is the much-loved winery of the Non Solo Pizza family with a colourful vegetable garden to feed a true Italian kitchen. Its charming villa style restaurant offers an intimate al fresco setting. On constant supply is a range of reds, including viburno.

Mostly Ds
Man O’ War Vineyards

You’re the no fuss holiday type that enjoys nothing more than an afternoon with close friends. On the other side of the island, Man O’ War is a place to unwind with cool white wine, rustic platters and a luscious lawn where you can play, or watch, nostalgic backyard games. The beachfront tasting room is like the bach of your dreams.

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